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Time Freeze (タイムストップ) is Guldo's special ability to temporarily stop time, which allows him to escape an opponent and hide when he finds himself losing a fight.


Guldo puts his hands out and inhales a lot of air. Then, he yells "Time Freeze!" and time stops. In the anime Guldo needs to hold his breathe to stop time, and so quickly closes his mouth to hold his breath, and after this, time will temporarily stop for as long as Guldo can continue to hold his breath. In the manga he just stops it temporarily, which uses up a lot of energy - leaving him unable to attack while freezing time.


Guldo stops time with his special ability

While time is stopped Guldo can either run and hide or attack, however Guldo can not hold his breath for very long, which means that he can only stop time for a very short time, while it also uses up a lot of his energy; so repeatedly using it can wear him down very quickly. During his fight with Gohan and Krillin, it is shown that if he uses the move three times, it will completely drain him of energy to the point that he can not even fire simple Ki Blasts. He implies that his rapid energy drain was due to choosing a chili cookoff over a diet and exercise program. It is unknown if he can continue to use the move after he has been drained, but it is known that he can not use any other moves until he recovers.

Appearances in games

Guldo can use this technique in the Raging Blast games.

Time Freeze appears under the name Time Control in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse. Referred to as telekinesis in the description, it is a chargeable technique that allows the user to take a deep breath and freeze their opponent. The longer the technique is charged — thus the deeper they breath — the longer they remain frozen. This skill can be obtained by the Future Warrior in Parallel Quest 18: "Return of Ginyu Force!".


  • Vegeta has told Guldo not to breathe when Guldo is around him due to his foul breath, which is ironic as Guldo's ability to stop time is initiated by him holding his noxious breath.



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