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DB Fusions Timespace Rift Area F1 (Intro Cutscene)

Timespace Rift in the opening of Dragon Ball Fusions

Timespace Rift is a warped dimension created by Shenron after Tekka and Pinich wish to create a tournament to determine the strongest fighter and serves as the main setting of Dragon Ball Fusions.


The Timespace Rift is a world created as a result of the wish made by Tekka and Pinich which results in the creation of the Timespace Tournament. The Timespace Rift acts as the main setting of the tournament and is a warped dimension where various timelines and dimensions intersect allowing people from various eras and timelines to interact as well as participate in the tournament.

The rift contains several floating islands that feature locations from Earth, Namek, and even Other World. There are even locations from different eras such as the Capsule Corporation from both the main timeline and the ruined Future Capsule Corporation from Future Trunks' timeline.


The Timespace Rift is separated into several areas.


The first area of the Timespace Rift were Tekka and Pinich find themselves after being sucked into the rift following their wish to Shenron. West City, Mount Paozu, and the Sacred Land of Korin containing the base of Korin Tower can be found here. The Capsule Corporation and Goku's Home appear as Warp Points which Tekka's Team can also visit to restore health. After obtaining the Spaceship, the Spaceship will be docked next to the floating island where Tekka and Pinich first landed.


The second area of the Timespace Rift were Tekka, Goten, Trunks, and Kid Goku travel to in search of more teammates. Contains portions of Planet Namek, King Kai's planet, and Satan City. Satan City, King Kai's planet, and Guru's House appear as warp points which Tekka's Team can visit to recover health. Satan City features a Clothing Shop and Guru's Quiz Table. Guru's Home can be visited after breaking the barrier around Guru's Home. Frieza's Spaceship can be originally found here as well, before Trunks has his mother modify the ship for Tekka's Team to use after Frieza and the Ginyu Force abandon it. After obtaining the Spaceship, it will appear floating in the North East Portion of the map.


The third area of the Timespace Rift were Tekka, Goten, Trunks, Kid Goku, and Pan travel to take part in the Timespace Tournament. The ruins of Future West City, the portion of Northern Mountains containing Dr. Gero's Lab, Cell Games Arena, and Kame House can be found here. The Spaceship appears docked next to the island where Pinich falls after getting hit by the ship.