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The Treasure-Protecting God Statue is a statue that protects the treasure in the Pirate Cave. It only appears in the Dragon Ball anime.


The statue's overall appearance resembles the Hindu goddess Kali. The swords the statue wields include at least four scimitars, a dao, a cutlass, a jian, and a katana.

In the anime, when Krillin and Bulma got to the treasure room, the statue threw swords everywhere. Krillin got one out of the ground and hit the other swords with it until the statue was out of swords. Krillin then threw a sword at its face, defeating it. It is later seen collapsing into pieces along with the cave.

Video game appearances

This statue is a boss in the Nintendo DS game Dragon Ball: Origins 2. Like in the anime, Krillin must defeat it by using one of the statue's swords and hitting the other swords back at it.


  • The statue resembles the Hindu God, Shiva.


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