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Treedons are alien tree-birds who appear on Fake Namek in filler. They look like gigantic green birds.


Zaacro brought Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma in a dense evergreen forest to find the next Dragon Ball. Krillin pulls a branch off a nearby tree to make a torch, and they are met with a frightening sound. They continue onward, and discover that they are not in an evergreen forest at all, but on the back of a Treedon, which suddenly takes flight. The bird flies up a mountain toward a great castle. Soon other giant birds spot the Dragon Ball-seeking hitchhikers and hungrily peck at them. In order to escape, they jump, and free-fall towards the castle below. It was later revealed that these birds, along with everything else on Fake Namek were all illusions.


Treedon is a portemantau of "Tree" and "Troodon," a specific type of plant and a predatory dinosaur, respectively.

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