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"Together, we three brothers are the strongest, Trio De Dangers! To survive in the garbage dump-like Universe 9, we three brothers worked together! We used this supreme combination... to demolish strong enemies we couldn't beat alone!"
— Bergamo, Lavender, and Basil in "Oh, Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs!!"

Trio of Danger[1][2] (トリオ・デ・デンジャーズ Torio de denjāzu, lit. Trio De Dangers) are a powerful team of wolf brothers and were chosen to participate as Universe 9's representatives in the Zeno Expo against Team Universe 7 and as the Universe 9's main fighters in the Tournament of Power.


They are considered as Universe 9's strongest fighters and it should also be noted that their ki was impossible to read, even for Goku, who can sense godly ki, which makes them tricky opponents.

When fighting together they can initiate the Dangers' Triangle where they constantly switched battle styles as well as positions while surrounding their opponent therefore confusing him/her and waiting the right time to strike. It is said that they have defeated multiple strong opponents by utilizing this supreme combination.

They also could perform the Triangle Dangers' Beam where they shoot beams of light from their hands all at once of their respective colors: Bergamo's was blue, Basil's was red, and Lavender's was golden brown.


  • Each member of Trio of Danger were named after a member of the Lamiaceae family of flowering plants commonly known as the mint or deadnettle.
  • Their movesets seem to have incorporated Wolfgang as a starting phrase which may be play on their species implying that they were indeed wolves.
  • They had the same color scheme as the three Kai Brothers from the anime Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. Who are Japanese Kai Ken Dogs, as well as switching the red one to the oldest brother and blue one to the youngest brother.
  • While Basil's signature kicking fighting style is rare to see, He is the only member of the trio who does not have a special ability/technique. (Bergamo can absorb an enemy's power and return it twofold and Lavender has Poison Manipulation).
  • Lavender is the only member of the trio that does not have a "Wolfgang"-named attack, or, at least, not shown in the Zen Exhibition Match and Tournament of Power.
  • Bergamo implied that the three brothers inherently hated their Universe, going as far as calling it a "dump like".
  • The way they fought Goku in the Tournament of Power is similar how wolves hunt in real life which involves fighting in packs and surrounding their prey waiting for an opening to strike, which is fitting considering them being a canid-like race, and they are always seen together.
  • Despite being brothers, they were indeed three different canid species: a Maned Wolf, a Coyote, and Gray Wolf.



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