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True Legendary Super Saiyan[1][2] form, usually just called Super Saiyan, is a state achieved when a user of Berserker Super Saiyan manages to unleash the full power of it. The user also gains complete control of the form, and focuses it into a more condensed powerful transformation.


Visually, this form appears very similar to the Super Saiyan (perfect energy control) form except the hair color is identical to the Berserk form. The user becomes noticeably taller than normal, and has a likewise increase for the musculature in mass and definition, similar to the previous form. The pupils also become visible again, as opposed to the Berserker Super Saiyan state, and are the standard Super Saiyan turquoise in color. The hairstyle heavily resembles the Berserker form - the similarities include the same greenish hue, and the two bangs of hair framing the forehead instead of one being curled upwards in the Controlled Super Saiyan form. The overall arrangement of the hairstyle as a whole stands up more and curves inward, similar to Goku's own Super Saiyan form.

Usage and power

This form is the result of the Berserker Super Saiyan form being fully controlled, this transformation has a massive increase in power compared to the berserk state.

Kale achieves this form after going berserk for the third time and is able to control her berserk state fully while fighting Goku alongside Caulifla. This form makes Super Saiyan 2 Goku tremble with excitement, stating it is a Saiyan instinct. With it, she and Super Saiyan 2 Caulifa were able to initially overwhelm Goku with raw power and ultimately encouraged him to use Super Saiyan God. Initially Kale was able to hold her own against him, with Caulifa being completely overwhelmed, however Super Saiyan God Goku was able to resist a point-blank energy wave from Kale with no damage, and even when Kale and Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla used their energy blasts together, Goku was able to easily destroy both blasts at once with his own energy attacks, which Kale was able to deflect while Caulifa was severely damage by it, though even after all that, Kale is shown to have remained undamaged. Even while in this form, Shin notes that Kale is not in the same class as Super Saiyan God Goku.


Kefla's Super Saiyan form, with elements of this form

When Kefla transforms into a Super Saiyan, she possess a hybrid between this form and Caulifla's Super Saiyan. Kefla can also use a Super Saiyan 2 state, which is a hybrid between this form and Caulifla's Super Saiyan 2.



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