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Trunks vs. Goten (トランクス対孫悟天, Torankusu Tai Son Goten; lit. "Trunks vs. Son Goten") is the four hundred thirty-third chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


After the end of the fight between Webley and Pyontat, Goten gets to his fight with Ikose. The World Tournament Announcer immediately recognizes Goten as Goku's son, amazed by the resemblence. As the fight begins, Goten easily blocks Ikose's attacks with one hand. Ikose turns up the speed, but Goten continues to block him easily, and finally knocks him out with a single punch to the chin. Angered by Bulma's mocking, Idasa and Ikose's Mother comes after her, but gets knocked out by Chi-Chi.

Trunks and Goten continue to easily advance through the tournament, until they face each other in the finals. Gohan and Videl finally make it out of the Preliminaries in time for the final match in the Youth division. Trunks and Goten promise not to go easy on each other because they're friends, and then their battle begins.

Charging at each other, Trunks and Goten throw attacks and counterattacks at one another at high speed. For the first part of the match, it's an even deadlock. The audience is left in awe at the amazing fight, and even Goku is impressed by how good the two boys are. The crowd then bursts into cheering as their awe turns into excitement.


Volume 37: Tournament of the Heavens
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