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This article is about the Namekian Elder. For the girl from Jingle Village, see Suno.

Tsuno (ツーノ, Tūno) is the Namekian village elder that Vegeta confronts and kills for the Four-Star Namekian Dragon Ball. He is the second eldest Namekian after his father, Grand Elder Guru.


Dragon Ball ZEdit

Frieza SagaEdit

Main article: Namek Saga


Elder Tsuno holding a dead Namekian

Elder Tsuno has three Warrior-type Namekians and fifteen Dragon Clan members in his village. Elder Tsuno and the inhabitants of his village were killed by Vegeta, who was no longer aligned with Frieza due to his blatant betrayal. Thus, Tsuno and the other Namekians in his village are the only Namekians on the planet that are not revived by the wish from Shenron, since the wish was to revive those killed by Frieza and his henchmen. The other Namekians don't find out about this until they are brought to Earth and Vegeta explains that he was the one who destroyed the village. Guru originally planned to make Tsuno the new elder upon his death. However, in light of this, he gives the position to Moori instead.

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