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Tuffleization[1] (ツフル化 Tsufuru-ka, lit. "Tsfruization") is a special ability utilized by Baby in order to transform his host fully into a Tuffle hybrid.


This ability is known to be usable by a Tuffle parasite who has reached their teen stage, as such the only one who ever manages to use it is Baby, as the other Tuffle parasites are in their larval stage.

Baby's Tuffleization ability allows him to completely change his target's appearance by converting them into a Tuffle hybrid. When used on Vegeta, it altered his Super Saiyan form to have silvery white hair and having black eyes, and his two levels above Super Saiyan altered to become Strongest Form 1 and Strongest Form 2. Trunks' hair also turned silvery white while in his Strongest Form 1 as well.

Using Tuffleization on certain entities results in a fusion instead of a possession, notably: Baby Janemba and Baby Hatchiyack.



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