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Turles' spaceship is the vessel used by Turles and the Crusher Corps. to travel from planet to planet. It appears to be similar to a Saiyan Pod, but bigger.



Inside Turles' spaceship

The spaceship and its ordinance were built by Rasin and Lakasei, two members of the Crusher Corps who are from the extremely intelligent Beenz race.[1] It is used by Turles and the Crusher Corps. To come to Earth in order to plant the Tree of Might. The spaceship is hidden in a cave. During the events of the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, Turles stays in the spaceship while the Crusher Corps. are fighting the Z Fighters, until Gohan arrives.

The spaceship contains tiny vessels that walk on legs like spiders and are used to examine a planet before the spaceship lands on it. Those smaller vessels grow spider-like legs to hold the spaceship above the ground.



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