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"A Galactic Patrolman. His eyes and words may seem a bit scary but he has a strong sense of justice and strives to vanquish evil."
Dragon Ball Fusions character profile

Tyber is a Saiyan Galactic Patrolman who appears in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Tyber is a male Saiyan with short black hair and wears purple Galactic Patrol uniform. He also has a Saiyan tail which he lets hang loose instead of wrapping it around his waist like members of the Saiyan Army.


Though his eyes and words may seem scary, Tyber has a strong sense of justice and strives to vanquish evil.


Little is known of his history, but presumably like most of the fighters in the Timespace Tournament he likely comes from one of the many timelines connected to the Timespace Rift created by Tekka and Pinich's wish to Shenron.

Unlike most pure Saiyans of Universe 7, Tyber has a strong sense of justice which lead him to join the Galactic Patrol in order to fight against evil.

After Tekka's team learns how to recruit allies from Master Roshi, they can find Tyber fighting alongside the Saiya Squad and their allies near the Capsule Corporation. They can recruit him by KO'ing him with a Zenkai Attack.


Listed as a B-Rank fighter in Dragon Ball Fusions, Tyber is a very powerful fighter who is likely more powerful than the members of the Ginyu Force. Seeing as he is a member of the Galactic Patrol, his power level is likely less than 530,000.


Great Ape

Main article: Great Ape As Tyber is a Saiyan who possesses a Tail, he is capable of transforming into a Great Ape when exposed to Blutz Waves produced by either a natural source like a full Moon or artificially via a Power Ball or Blutz Wave Generator. Though he possesses the potential to transform, Tyber does not actually use the form in Dragon Ball Fusions.

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