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Directory: CharactersVillainsDB villainsNamekian Ukelele (ウクレレ) is one of King Piccolo's children. He is the lowest ranked member of the Demon Clan.



Ukelele was a green pterodactyl like Mutated Namekian.


Ukulele fought in the King Piccolo wars, rampaging across the world alongside his many other siblings. Eventually Ukulele and the other Mutant Nameks were attacked by Master Mutaito and his students, resulting in the deaths of most of Muster Mutaito's students and all of the Mutant Namekians, including Ukulele.

Techniques, special abilities, and weapons

Video game appearances

Ukulele appears as an enemy in Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu, where he was first given the name Ukulele. Ukulele later appears as an enemy and playable character in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.


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