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"Nappa, one of the Saiyans behind the invasion of Earth... ...had defeated all of the planet's warriors, except for Gohan and Krillin. The remaining two faced a desperate situation, until Goku, having finished his training with King Kai, arrived. Then, exploding with rage at the death of his comrades, Goku defeated Nappa with overwhelming power... Finally, the fight was between Goku and Vegeta"
— Narrator

Ultimate Decisive Battle is the fourth level of the Dragon Walker mode in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team.


Goku and Vegeta have arrived at a rugged mountain site, where the battle starts. In order to keep up with Vegeta's speed and power, Goku uses the Kaio-ken. This results in Vegeta getting injured during the battle, displeasing him greatly, but at a cost: Goku's energy is growing weary as he uses the Kaio-ken constantly.

In the meantime Krillin and Gohan have almost arrived at Kame House , but then they feel an enormous ki rising. Worried about Goku's life, they hurry towards him at the mountain site. Having arrived there, Vegeta appears. Vegeta threatens that after he's done with Goku, they will be next, this angers Gohan, then both Gohan and Krillin attack Vegeta. After the battle Vegeta is mortally wounded, and forced to retreat, Vegeta summons his Space Pod, but Krillin has other plans for him. When Krillin is about to end his life, Goku stops him. He remarks that it is a waste, Goku wants to battle Vegeta again due to his Saiyan blood. Krillin obeys Goku's plea, Vegeta threatens them and then takes off into space.

Bonus Missions

There is a young boy in the town that has a hovering house icon floating above it. The boy requests to defeat the White Monster (two very powerful Saibaman mutants). After defeating them, Goku is rewarded with 2,000 Z-Points from the young boy.


  • Vegeta (Scouter) is unlocked as a playable character.
  • The secret stage Gohan and Demon King Piccolo is now playable.
  • New items are available in shop.