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Unexpected Problem (燃える惑星からの脱出!! 命がけのカメハメ波, Moeru Wakusei kara no Dasshutsu! Inochigake no Kamehameha) is the fifteenth episode of the Namek Saga and the fiftieth overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on May 30, 1990.


Gohan, Krillin and the young Namekian Dende arrive at the cave where Bulma is hiding, having escaped from Dodoria and after almost running into Vegeta. There, they learn from Bulma that Goku has recovered and is on his way, training hard. Gohan and Krillin are overjoyed at the news.


Goku in his spaceship

Meanwhile, Goku's ship collides with an asteroid, causing damage to the hull. Worse, the ship has been slightly knocked off its course, and is now headed directly for a burning star, called Alpha H-Z, similar to the sun. Goku dons a space suit and, following Dr. Brief's instructions, patches the damage to the hull. However, he accidentally glues his boots to the ship, and is unable to get back inside the ship in time to make the necessary course corrections. With no other options remaining, Goku powers up and fires an enormous Kamehameha, propelling him away from the star. Impressed with the boost in strength training in a 20g environment has given him, Goku decides to go even heavier.

Back on Namek, Vegeta continues his search for the Dragon Balls and, to his delight, he discovers a Namekian Village that Frieza has not been to yet. Landing down in the middle of the village, he calls to the villagers for their elder, declaring that he will take their Dragon Ball away. The village elder Tsuno refuses, prompting Vegeta to kill him, but one of his fellow villagers takes the shot instead, as the elder and the other villagers look on, horrified as the villager is killed while defending Tsuno from Vegeta's finger blast.


Character Name FUNimation Ocean Dub Original Japanese
Krillin Sonny Strait Terry Klassen Mayumi Tanaka
Gohan Stephanie Nadolny Saffron Henderson Masako Nozawa
Dende Laura Bailey Paulina Gillis Tomiko Suzuki
Vegeta Christopher R. Sabat Brian Drummond Ryō Horikawa
Goku Sean Schemmel Peter Kelamis Masako Nozawa
Dr. Brief Chris Forbis Scott McNeil Daisuke Gōri
Bulma Tiffany Vollmer Lalainia Lindbjerg Hiromi Tsuru
Oolong Bradford Jackson Alec Willows Naoki Tatsuta
Puar Monika Antonelli Cathy Weseluck Naoko Watanabe
Dodoria Chris Forbis Ward Perry Yukitoshi Hori


  • In the original dub, Goku fires his Kamehameha, first at Kaio-ken x10, and again at Kaio-ken x20. In the uncut version, however, he simply fires two regular Kamehameha waves.
  • The name on Goku's space suit is "Gokuh."