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Universe 10 (第10宇宙 Dai jū Uchū), the Macho Universe (マッチョな宇宙 Machona Uchū), was the tenth of the twelve universes in the Dragon Ball series. It was comprised of many planets, stars, and a large amount of galaxies. Universe 10 was linked with Universe 3, creating a twin universe. It was the universe with the eighth highest mortal level.[1]

After Gohan and Piccolo of Team Universe 7 respectively defeated Obuni and Rubalt, the last two active members of Team Universe 10, in the Tournament of Power, Zen-Oh and Future Zen-Oh erased the Universe, making them the second of which to suffer this fate, after Universe 9. As with Mojito to Universe 9, Cus is now the only living being left of her former respective universe.

Places in Universe 10

Known Residents in Universe 10


Deities from Universe 10: Cus, Gowasu and Rumsshi



Races in Universe 10


  • This is the first Universe that Goku visited other than his own.
  • Universe 10 is the second universe to be erased in the Tournament of Power.
  • Universe 10 is the second world which was visited by Goku to be erased, the first being Future Trunks' timeline.

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