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Gamisaras (ガミサラス Gamisarasu) is a cicada insect warrior from Universe 4 and a member of Team Universe 4.


It appears incredibly similar to its twin, Damom the only difference being its colors; having yellow eyes, purple skin, and a darker purple segment on its chest.


Nothing about its personality is known, however it can inferred that due to hiding from plain sight before the Tournament of Power even begins, it is at least somewhat intelligent and strategic.


Dragon Ball Super

Universal Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga Gamisaras was scouted and recruited to join Team Universe 4 as one of the 10 strongest warriors in Universe 4 in the Tournament of Power. It along with Damom are hidden from sight from the moment they arrive to the World of Void, causing Team Universe 7 to believe they only have 8 members, to which Tien Shinhan notes he can sense a faint "presence".


Techniques and special abilities

  • Invisibility - Through currently unknown means, it can hide his physical appearance from sight, however Tien Shinhan can still sense a slight presence.

Voice actors

  • Japanese: TBA
  • English: TBA





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