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Universe 6 (第6宇宙, dai 6 uchū) is the sixth of the twelve universes in the Dragon Ball series, it includes planets, stars, a large amount of galaxies. Universe 6 is linked with Universe 7, creating a twin universe.

The God of Destruction of Universe 6 is Champa, the Supreme Kai is Universe 6 Supreme Kai, having Universe 6 Attendant as his servant, and the Angel is Vados.

The Emperor is Frost.

Places in Universe 6

Main article: Places in the Sixth Universe It is known that Universe 6 is a twin universe, almost identical to Universe 7. Any planets that have existed and/or exist in Universe 7 will also likely have existed or exist in Universe 6. The majority of planets are unknown, but it is known that Universe 6 has an Earth, but it had been ravaged by war with the Earthlings on that Earth, which rendered the Earthlings extinct, until Beerus revived the planet, and all of its inhabitants, with the Super Dragon Balls. Planet Sadla, which was destroyed in Universe 7, still exists in Universe 6.

Races in Universe 6


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