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The Attendant is the attendant Supreme Kai of Universe 6.


Attendant is a tall, lean, and teal Shinjin. He has a long head with pointy ears and wears green earrings. He wears a red long hat and a Kai outfit: purple undershirt with a red coat, blue pants and white boots. He also wears a light blue sash around his waist.


Dragon Ball Super

Universe 6 Saga

Main article: Universe 6 Saga Attendant is on the Nameless Planet with his boss, Zeno, for the Universe 6 and 7 Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition. While on the planet, he is approached by Goku, who startles Attendant and the Universe 6 Supreme Kai. Attendant is a bystander and watches the first match between Universe 6's Botamo versus Universe 7's Goku.



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