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Universe 7 (第7宇宙 Dai nana Uchū), Our Universe (我々の宇宙 Wareware no Uchū), is the seventh of twelve universes in the Dragon Ball series, it includes planets, stars, a large amount of galaxies (銀河 ginga),[1][2] the contents of intergalactic space, and all matter and energy. Universe 7 is linked with Universe 6, creating a twin universe. This universe is where the entirety of the Dragon Ball series takes place, except for the Universe 6 Saga in Dragon Ball Super, when Goku and the others go to a neutral area between Universe 7 and Universe 6, the "Future" Trunks Saga taking place between Universe 7 and Universe 10, and the Universe Survival Saga taking place in Zeno's Palace for the Zen Exhibition Match and the World of Void for the Tournament of Power between eight of the twelve universes. Universe 7 also ranks as second to bottom on the mortal-levels scale as a 3.18 according to Zeno and Future Zeno.

Places in Universe 7

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A map of the Dragon Ball Universe

The two quadrants of the universe where the Dragon Ball series is set are the North Section and the South Section; each contain countless galaxies within themselves,[3] however, only one galaxy is seen in each. This is the universe where the Earth is located. It holds a violent and turbulent past where much of existence have been destroyed by Majin Buu, from moons to entire galaxies.[4] In Dragon Ball Super, Shin reveals that there are only 28 planets in Universe 7 that have mortal life. The number was originally higher when the planets like Sadala, Vegeta, and Namek were still in existence, and many of the mortals in the universe were exterminated by invaders.

While recent material such as Dragon Ball Super states that the universe contains countless galaxies, some older material stated that there are only four galaxies.[5][6][7]

As of Age 780, Universe 7 only possesses 28 planets inhabited by mortals, which is mostly due to the massive number of genocides caused by Frieza, Majin Buu, and the Saiyan Army which has lead to the genocides of the Tuffles, Arlians, and numerous other races. Despite this Universe 7 rivals its twin Universe 6 in power.

Unlike most of the other universes it has had more than one active Supreme Kai at several points in its history though Majin Buu's rampage later decreased the number of Kais leaving only Shin and Old Kai (as well as Chronoa in certain media) the only survivors.



Deities from Universe 7: Whis, Shin and Beerus



Races in Universe 7

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