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"A long time ago... Goku set out on a journey to search for the 7 Dragon Balls, which when gathered together, would call forth Shenron to grant a wish. Goku met many people during his travels, developing both his heart and his body. Eventually, after a fierce battle at the 23rd World Tournament, he defeated King Piccolo, who wanted world domination... He had brought peace back to the world... However..."
— Narrator

Unknown Warrior from Another Planet is the first level of the Dragon Walker mode in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team.


The story begins with Raditz landing on Earth. Meanwhile, Goku was heading to Kame House, but he lost Gohan, who fell from the Flying Nimbus.

After the movements are explained, the player gets his first mission, to find Gohan. After flying to a nearby town, he found Gohan, who fell in a field nearby the town and had been rescued by an old man. Now that Goku had been reunited with his son, they lift off for Kame House. Having arrived at Kame House, Goku is welcomed by Bulma, Krillin and Master Roshi. When finding out the boy next to Goku is his son, they are completely flabbergasted. After talking a bit, Krillin wants to spar with Goku (it is now that the battle rules are explained). After defeating Krillin, Raditz arrives and tries to convince Goku to join him, Goku however refuses and Gohan gets kidnapped for this. Piccolo then appears, who has the idea to team up, Goku accept and the player's next goal is to defeat Raditz. While in battle, Raditz informs Goku of the two other Saiyan survivors, and after his defeat, Raditz and Goku die. Piccolo is shocked at the idea of having one year to train.