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The Unnamed Female Spiritualist (2) is a protagonist in the second cinematic trailer for the computer game Dragon Ball Online. She is seen within the second group of promotional heroes.




Female Spiritualist (2)

She takes the appearance of an average young woman with bright blue eyes and silver hair. She dons a uniform that appears to intermix the uniform Yamcha wore in early Dragon Ball and the uniform Tien Shinhan wears throughout the series, only it is a woman's style. She wears a black top that exposes her stomach, a purple tie around her neck, green arm bands that cover her entire forearms, a long black dress that exposes the sides of her legs, a white belt, long purple leg guards, and green boots with red edges. She wears some kanji on her chest, which seems to indicate she is part of the New Crane School.


  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.

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