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Piccolo Namekian Champian

Jikkon Son of Piccolo

Techniques and special abilitiesEdit
    • Flight – Like most characters, Pikkon has the ability to fly using his ki.
    • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
    • Kiai – Pikkon blows an invisible wave of ki through his mouth. He used it to dispel Olibu's Chasing Energy Ball.
    • Homing Energy Wave – A move where Pikkon fires a Ki Blast that targets his enemy. He used it against Goku in the episode "Final Round".

[1]Pikon's Double Energy BlastAdded by Jeangabin666

    • Double Energy Blast – Used against Goku in the episode "Final Round".
    • Continuous Energy Bullets – Used against Goku in the episode "Final Round".
    • Nova Strike-like attack – Pikkon used an attack similar to Frieza's Nova Strike in an Energy Struggle against Super Saiyan Goku in the episode "Goku vs. Pikkon". He surrounds his body in a blue sphere of energy and charges at the opponent using the blue sphere as a shield.
    • Hyper Tornado – Pikkon starts spinning at high speeds, drills towards his opponent, then entraps them in a powerful tornado.
    • Burning Shoot – Pikkon surrounds himself in fire and attacks the opponent continuously. This attack was used to defeat Cell in the Other World.
    • Thunder Flash Attack – Pikkon shoots an immense storm of flames from his fists, his most powerful attack. Arguably, using this move a third time is what ultimately lead to his loss, as by then Goku had managed to figure out that Pikkon can't move when he is using this technique.

[2]Pikkon's Super Energy BombAdded by Mpc797

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