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Goku the radish farmer

Baby vegeta

Super Baby Vegeta

About me

Vegeta Super Saiyan 3 by B 1ne

Yes, I know it's fan-art but it looks real cool.


Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Epic


Goku with the Super Spirit Bomb


Mr. Popo


Super Saiyan Vegeta

SSJ4 Vegeta

One of the best parts in the series


Frieza getting owned


Perfect Cell vs. Super Trunks






Majin Vegeta

Hey this is SSWerty here. I've been a fan of Dragon Ball, Z, GT and Kai for around 8 or 9 years, most recently Dragon Ball Kai. My favourite character is definitely Goku with Vegeta as a close second. Super Saiyan 3 is, in my opinion, the coolest looking and best form. Dragon Ball Z is my No. 1 fave program and Dragon Ball Wiki has helped me learn a lot more about Dragon Ball.

I used to visit the Wiki frequently as an Anon, then decided that I could help out with the Wiki as a registered user. For the first few months, I wasn't really editing the articles and I spent a lot of time on the Blogs. However, when SSJ4 Lewich arrived and started to edit frequently, I started to become motivated to edit articles, and I surpassed 1000 edits on the 27th of April, 2010. I continued to edit, and then surpassed 2000 edits some time in May or June. Since then, I have slowly started to decrease in the frequency of my edits, unfortunately. This situation is not helped by the fact that I have little spare time due to my sports. However, I am trying to start editing frequently again.

And, after lots of hard work and edits, on the 16th of August, 2010, I was given the privilege of having Rollback rights. This enables me to revert vandalism and unproductive edits much easier, and is a great honour for me!

Voice Actors I've Met

I have also met several voice actors of Dragon Ball Z and recieved their autographs. The people I have met are:

My fan fiction

If anyone is interested I have written my own instalment in the Dragon Ball saga. You can read it here! Just click on the text!

If you like it, please leave comments and thoughts on what I've done. If you didn't like it, please don't scream abuse and hateful insults at me. Please tell me why and what you didn't like in a calm manner. All messages to my talk page!

I have also become an bureaucrat on the Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki.


My YouTube channel can be found here!

My username is ThaWerty and my videos are all about Dragon Ball Z.

Please comment, and subscribe!


  • Changing all Vs, VS., versus, etc. to vs.
  • Changing all the Funimation's to FUNimation
  • Correcting all Dragonball, DragonBall etc. to Dragon Ball
  • Changing all the 'Voice Actors' headings to 'Voice Actresses' on the female character pages.


Top Ten Favourite Characters

1. Goku - Put simply, he's one of the only Z-Fighters who never gives up.

2. Vegeta - One of the most well designed and developed characters of entertainment.

3. Cell - The most well developed villain and the only one who has a valid reason to use the Kamehameha.

4. Piccolo - The most powerful Z-Fighter who isn't a Saiyan (in my opinion) and the only one who never loses his cool.

5. Super Buu w/ Gohan Absorbed - The second coolest villain because he put Ultimate Gohan in his place.

6. Gogeta - How can you not like the strongest character in all of Dragon Ball?

7. Frieza - Without him, we wouldn't have Super Saiyans or anything after Namek.

8. Nuova Shenron - The coolest of the Shadow Dragons simply because he repents.

9. Baby Vegeta - He just appealed to me more than many other characters. Probably cos he caused Goku to transform to Super Saiyan 4.

10. Goten (Pre-GT) - It just seems like he had so much potential but was wasted.

Favourite Heroes:

1. Goku - See above

2. Vegeta - See above

3. Future Trunks - He's just cooler than normal Trunks and isn't a jerk.

4. Piccolo - See above

5. Gogeta - See above

6. Kid Goten - See above

7. Teen Gohan - Whenever I watch the Cell Games Saga, he becomes my favourite character cos he's so cool.

8. Adult Gohan before becoming Ultimate - He's cool until Elder Kai turns him into an idiot.

Favourite Villains:

1. Cell - See above

2. Super Buu w/ Gohan absorbed - See above

3. Super 17 - Android 17 wasn't used enough so Super 17 makes up for that.

4. Frieza - See above

5. King Piccolo - Caused Goku to meet Kami and gave the Earth its first real threat.

6. Nuova Shenron - See above

7. Baby Vegeta - See above

Most Disliked Characters:

1. Pan - Someone who thinks that she can take on Omega Shenron and win when really Raditz has a better chance of beating him than Pan does.

2. Supreme Kai/Kibito Kai - An imp that obviously shouldn't be protector of the Universe because he can't keep track of anything after Frieza. Kibito's cool though.

3. Kid Trunks - The person who ruined Gotenks and thinks he's the greatest simply because he's the son of Vegeta.

4. Gotenks - Had potential to be cool but was ruined by Trunks and gained his cockiness.

5. Anyone in the series who thinks they're really cool and tough and then gets wasted by the Z-Fighters - Everyone really.

DBZ Games I Have

1. Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu - Was fun when I got it. Kinda boring now cos there's no variation in the characters fighting. It's actually the same moves for every person. Also the graphics are awful and you can't transform on command and even when you do it lasts about 4 seconds. Not very good. 3/10 stars

2. Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Really great game. Easy to learn the controls because they're nice and simple. Few typos need sorting out in story mode and arcade. Decent graphics, a mix of Budokai 2 and 3. Simple character roster, everyone you need. Transforming a bit iffy. You have to select what you want to transform into and then that's the only form you can turn into in a battle. Superb game. 6.5/10 stars

3. Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road - Superb game. Highly Recommended. Gameplay and controls basically the same. A few new contols and moves have been added. Even better than the first. Great original story line. Graphics are basically the same as the first. 24-25 character, this time all the Buus, Dabura, Meta-Cooler and several others have been added. Transforming is the same as the first which is a little annoying again. Overall fantastic game. 8/10 stars

4. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast - Absolutely the best DBZ game I have ever played. Even more highly recommended. Controls are fun, simple and easy to learn. I haven't played any Tenkaichi games so I can't compare RB to them. Story line is good. To a new fan it might be a little confusing. Graphics are the best ever! They look good and are like the show. Over 70 playable characters. I personally think that's more than enough compared to my previous games. Transforming is great, you can transform instantly to any form. Online play is fantastic, fast and fun as long as both players have good a Internet connection. There are two only really annoying things about online play. People disconnecting after losing a fight so it won't get saved or recorded and how hard it is to level up to higher ranks. A near perfect game. 9.99/10

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