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Hello my name is Ally, I'm fifteen years old and have been a long time Dragon ball /Z/GT fan since about 2002. I guess what really got me into was the original series Dragon ball, I had never of laughed so much over an anime before in my life, the combination of Goku and Bulma is just hilarious, a city girl with a boy who was raised in the woods. Master Roshi doesn't make things any better either with his perverted ways.

The shear action of Dragon ball Z was enough to hook me on to it, I also really like Dragon ball GT I know many people bashed this series but it isn't all that bad, I really enjoyed it.

Anyways going away from Dragon ball, I'm just like any other fifteen year old kid, I go to school, watch anime and play video games, okay not every kid does that but I know many people who do. xD

Yeah so if you wanna know anything else don't be afraid to talk to me, okay? ^~^

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