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April 24, 2009

My Name is Joey. If you can't tell by my Name, I'm a huge fan of Batman And Dragonball.

I love this Wikia and found myself using it often in the past few months, and I fixed a spelling Error in the Gotenks Article, which prompted me to join, and I gladly Accepted.

I do what I can here. I don't try to mess around.

Who's Your Favorite Dragon ball Character?

Well, to be honest its hard for me to choose, but out of the Heroes, I think the Son Boys are my favorite, particularly Goten. I felt Goten was Underused in the Dragon ball series, Even in GT We got Trunks for a 3rd Time, I honestly would have rather have had Goten go with them than Pan. But oh well eh? I also LOVE Piccolo now, he's quite honestly one of the coolest Main characters on the series, and interesting as well.

My Honest to Favorite Villain is Cell with Majin Buu close behind.

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