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SSJ4 Gogeta vs. SSB Vegito


We first saw Gogeta in the movie: Fusion Reborn where he easily massacred Janemba, who easily beat SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegita. When he arrives, we see him take hits from Janemba without even fliching and he wastes no time in easily killing Janemba with one move. We see him come back later in GT as a SSJ4 against Omega Shenron, who was leagues above both SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegita. We see no indication that SSJ4 Gogeta was anywhere near his full power while fighting Omega, as Gogeta was toying around with him. Just as Gogeta was about to put in the final blow, however, the fusion was cut short because of the excessive energy output of the two SSJ4s fusing.


Some time ago, Toriyama brough back a beloved character from DBZ into DBS with a new transformation. Yes, that person was Vegito with the ability to go SSJB, when we previously only saw him go as high as SSJ, playing around with and easily beating up Buuhan, who was easily stronger than SSJ2 Goku and SSJ2 Vegita. He comes back in DBS with the ability to transform into SSB. He wastes no time to beat up Zamasu, who beat SSB Goku, SSB Vegita, and False SSB Trunks, and just before a decisive blow was landed, the fusion was cut short due to the excessive energy output of the SSB transformation.

So Who's Stronger? 

First let me start off with this:

Nirazaki: I know that a lot of people want to hear more about fusion. With Bejitto(Vegito) now in the story, will he play that big of a role? And most of all, is he stronger than Gojīta(Gogeta) himself?

Toriyama-san: Well I don't know yet. I've planned some things with Bejitto(Vegito), but he wont be the focus of the entire saga. Youll see as things develop. As for their strength, Gojīta(Gogeta) is a little bit stronger, but you wouldn't notice a difference. Still, Bejitto(Vegito) will always be the most skilled martial artist! (Smiles)

Now understand that this was before GT and Super, so ther is no SSB or SSJ4. But, even before reading this, I always thought that pre SSJ4 Gogeta was stronger than pre SSB Vegito.

Back to the point. Because of the spirit sword, I am fairly sure that Vegito has greater ki control, but that Gogeta has more raw power. Now, it is stated that base Goku, at the beginning of GT is equal to SSJ3 Goku at the end of Z. Considering SSJ3 is 400 times base form: 400(Base Goku) x 400(SSJ3 Multiplier) = 160,000. This is SSJ3 Goku in GT. SSJ4 has a 10 times multiplier on 3(this is extremely lowballed), so 160,000(SSJ3) x 10(SSJ4 Multiplier) = 1,600,000. This means that by the end of GT, Goku was at least 1.6 million times stronger than his SSJ3 form at the end of Z. Now with the fusion dance, power level has to be about the same and Goku showed no signs of powering down when he fused with Vegita in their SSJ4 forms. With that being said, this is why I believe SSJ4 Gogeta would utterly, completely, hands-down MURDER SSB Vegito. Yes, Gogeta never performed any universe busting feats, like SSG Goku vs Beerus and I have arguments for that. For one, neither did Vegito vs. Zamasu, and two: It did not even appear that Gogeta was even using half of his power against Omega, so we can not completely dismiss that fact.

And also(Because some of you don't realize)DBGT and DBS are split timelines. The things in DBS did not happen in GT. After Z, the those are two seperate timelines. And one last thing before I'm done is that I will give Vegito the Final Kamehameha. I like the way it looks better than Gogeta's Big Bang Kamehameha.