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In this, my first blog, I will write the Tiers of the player characters of Dragon Ball Online at each stage of the game. (In my opinion)

level 4 (9-A):  He/she can defeat a pterodactyl and several wolves.

Level 9 (8-B): He/she can defeat Ox-Satan, Kid Chi-Chi and several dinosaurs.

Level 14 (7-B): More or less as strong as Chi-Chi.

TIme Machine Quest 2: High 5-C: They are a little weaker than Goku and Piccolo (Low 5-B)

Time Machine Quest 4 (5-B): Working as a team they can defeat Nappa.

Time Machine Quests 5-6 (5-B):  Working as a team they can defeat Dodoria, Zarbon, and the Ginyu Force.

Papaya island: High 4-C?? In this dungeon they face several Cell Jrs, but in TMQ they still do not face Freezer.