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If you could meet anyone on this wiki in real life who would it be?

It has something to do with the wiki so it's kinda useful. XP I would wan to meet Kotsu, Barku, Some Ghost, Kaio-kenx4, Tjakari, Gohanfan7, Msbulma, SSJ4 Vegito, Ultimate Gogeta, etc. Someone on other wikis too if you want. On others wikis for me? Godisme, Lemursrule, Arrancar109, Glass heart, Chidior Avenger, LufffyPirateKing, Neowitch, PandaWarrior, ImmHungry4444, WeridoWithCoffee, etc. Too many to list GAH!!

Here are some cool video's about Bleach if you like it. Or you could just listen to the music.

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