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EDIT: Forgot to say Power Levels at the end of the title sorry if dis is clickbate

Planning to spend forever on this because its the weekend, trying to stay consistant tell me if its off idk btw this is original Dragon Ball but may go to Z probably don't have enough time tho

This is designed to have low Power Levels but still show comparison. The low power levels are so it doesn't get ridiculous later in the series (Z)

taking in consideration the amount of Ki the farmer had, I'm saying that the farther your power becomes the more Ki you awaken, however needs to be trained to be used. Assuming that 20 is enough to easily beat someone.

Pilaf Saga:

Goku: 25 Power Level. This is because suriving the Jungle wouldn't increase your power/Ki as much, even including the small training I assume Grandpa Gohan gave him.

Bulma: 8 Power Level. Normally 5 however the amount of technology she has built must give her an advantage in power.

Dinosaur Guy: 15 Power Level. Dinosaurs are more powerful than humans obviously ;p

Goku (Power Pole): 35 Power Level. Power Pole is gud

Turtle: 2 Power Level. Its a turtle, what did you expect? But he is Master Roshi's turtle, so he is lucky I even gave him a bit of Power Level.

Master Roshi: 27 Power Level. He is op in og dragon ball, but his relaxed form wouldn't really surpass Goku.

Oolong: 5 Power Level. Horrible. Only at the 5 Power Level because of his shapeshifting abilities that may be handy.

Goku (Hungry): 12 Power Level. Loses about 10 Power Level due to extreme hunger.

Yamcha: 16 Power Level. Because of Hungry Goku's Power Level, this is all I can do without making him complete Fodder (Which he isn't in og db).

Puar: 7 Power Level. A bit better than Oolong due to being with Yamcha and passing the Shapeshifting Academy.

Goku (Hungry and Power Pole): 27 Power Level. Hungry so he can't manuever the Power Pole as well but still more.

Ox-King: 44 Power Level. Assumed to be much for Power Pole Goku and being the student of Roshi, he should be powerful.

Chi-Chi: 8 Power Level. Even though being a child, she is still a Martial(ish) artist and the son of the great Ox-King.

Master Roshi (Serious): 46 Power Level. Serious Master Roshi is strong because of his Ki Knowledge, even mastering the Kamehameha technique (which has the power level in next entry)

Master Roshi (Serious Kamehameha): 65 Power Level. Being able to take out the flames in the Fire Mountain is a real achievement, and this is a huge Power Boost (as this was able to destroy the moon in Tournament saga, even if that was after his training with Goku and Krillin that is still strong here).

Goku (Kamehameha): 32 Power Level. Goku's Kamehameha was extremely weak and uncontrolled however assumed to be at least stronger than his brute strength due to using his awakened Ki.

Rabbit Mob Member: 5 Power Level. A normal human that has most likely not trained, and Goku was easily able to defeat. You could assume that they are stronger because they beat up Goku, but remember bullets are still harmful for Goku. Especially when he can't move.

Monster Carrot: 7 Power Level. A rabbit that seems to be incredibly weak. His carrot powers only increase his power a little, because he can catch others off guard.

Mai: 9 Power Level. Has some technology but isn't a genius like Bulma. However her calculating personality and fighting style will increase her power.

Shu: 6 Power Level. An idiot. He just knows swordz so he kinda good idk

Pilaf: 7 Power Level. Incredibly weak, however can be a bit strong with technology. The only way Pilaf captured Goku and the others were their naiive personality and the powerful technology in his castle.

Goku (Great Ape): 104 Power Level. Multipliers are horrible to I assume this. Giant Apes are strong, and their Ki is uncontrollable giving the Power Level I gave them. I didn't use the x10 Great Ape Multiplier like most people do, since it usually screws up my head-canon power levels.


Ye so that is the end of the Pilaf Saga! Took like 20-30 minutes but will be adjusted with myself and your feedback. Next up, Tournament Saga!


Tournament Saga:

Goku (Before Training): 28 Power Level. A bit stronger due to his awakened Ki, however doesn't know how to use it.

Krillin (Before Training): 19 Power Level. I am assuming he has not awakened Ki, but would probably be the power of non-ki Goku due to them being almost the same power. Although, he is about 5 Power Level less due to being rekt by Goku in the rock training.

Launch (Good): 5 Power Level. She'd never be that strong due to her good nature, however could be stronger on the inside because of the actions she has done on her bad side.

Launch (Bad): 8 Power Level. Now WITH GUNZ.

Goku (After Training): 56 Power Level. Now with extreme training and battle/Ki knowledge, he is op.

Krillin (After Training): 48 Power Level. Even when undergoing the same training, Goku always shows to be one step ahead of him. So there is my head-canon Power Level for Krillin.

Bacterian: 34 Power Level. He seems to not be that strong, however is strong because of his stench. Krillin had lots of trouble due to the stench.

Jackie Chun (ALWAYS SERIOUSSSS): 74 Power Level. He is basically Serious Roshi but after da training.

Yamcha: 26 Power Level. He had trained the entire time while Goku and Krillin were training, which doubled his Power Level. However this is still not enough for Jackie Chun.

Nam: 59 Power Level. Being a close match while fighting Goku, he would be similar to his tail form.

Ranfan: 17 Power Level. Weak af but just makes everybody think shes sexy so she can rekt them.

Giran: 58 Power Level. He gave Goku a huge hard time until regrowing his tail, so he must be strong.

Goku (After Training and Tail): 65 Power Level. His tail gives him a huge strength to dodge his attacks.

Nam (Cross-Arm-Dive): 70 Power Level. Can rekt Goku if he spammed it, but sadly can't.

Goku (After Training, Tail, Kamehameha): 85 Power Level. With his increased knowledge of Ki, his Kamehameha should greatly increase his Power level.

Jackie Chun (Kamehameha): 92 Power Level. Would be stronger than Goku's ofc, so there.

Jackie Chun (Drunken Fist): 78 Power Level (Only On Goku or anybody else that doesn't understand). Its the same power level really, but Goku is confused so its 2 strong for gokuh.

Goku (After Training, Tail, Janken Fist): 78 Power Level. This technique greatly confuses Jackie Chun by saying the wrong technique, which hurts Jackie Chun in the eyes, proving it is stronger than him.

Jackie Chun (Electric Attack): 86 Power Level. Rekts Goku easily until transforming into a Great Ape, so it should be quite a lot stronger than Goku.

Goku (After Training, Great Ape): 130 Power Level. Due to his knowledge of Ki and brute stength, it would be stronger than his Pilaf Saga counterpart.

Goku (After Training, Exhausted): 45 Power Level. Now exhausted, he is a lot weaker.

Jackie Chun (Exhausted): 47 Power Level. He fell to the ground along with Goku, however had a small amount of energy to finish the sentence, so he must be a bit stronger.

Goku (After Training, Weak Kamehameha): 65 Power Level. Using his last bit of energy, it is weaker than his last Kamehameha.


Yus, we are done with the second saga! Took 20-30 mins again, give me feedback so my power levels don't suck.


Red Ribbon Army Saga:

Colonel Silver: 34 Power Level. Because of my Head-Canon Rule "20 away is ez for the person higher" (which is exclusive to db btw), his power level would be around this if Goku can easily beat him.

Red Ribbon Army Soldier: 23 Power Level. Felt like 10 would be too much, as I thought that Soldiers would get trained, which would have Goku's Pilaf Saga Power Level.

Major Metallitron: 52 Power Level. He was extremely hard for Goku to beat, and was only defeated because his batteries ran out. He'd be around Goku's level, only a bit weaker.

Ninja Murasaki: 43 Power Level. His plans were constantly thwarted by Goku, and so he would be weak however was harder for Goku than Silver.

Android 8: 92 Power Level. It is shown that Goku says Android 8's punch to General White was superior to that of his own, so I assumed his Power Level comparing to Gokus.

Buyon: 84 Power Level. Goku and Android 8 were having a lot of trouble against him, and only defeated him after freezing him and using a kick. It is safe to assume Buyon was stronger than Goku.

General White: 36 Power Level. He may be smart (which he used to his advantage by grabbing Goku's tail) however was easily attacked by Goku in a flame of rage.


We done with Red Ribbon Army Saga! Once again, any feedback would be good. This is the saga that I haven't finished and are still working on so forgive me if the sagas here and beyond aren't as good at Pilaf-Tournament Sagas.


General Blue Saga:

Captain Dark: 23 Power Level. Because Master Roshi Relaxed is 48, 23 would be a good estimate as he was easily taken out.

Master Roshi (Relaxed): 48 Power Level. Ez to calculate, after training, General Blue Saga Relaxed Roshi is Pilaf Saga Serious Roshi.

Launch (Bad): 30 Power Level. God I underestimated her, she is strong after easily taking out soldiers. Most likely around 30 Power Level when enraged.

General Blue (Telekinesis): 74 Power Level. General Blue is simply weak. However, his telekinesis abilities make him extremely overpowered, which he paralyzes anybody in his way. I assume he is 74 Power Level using his telekinesis abilities, which is 18 more Power Level than Goku.

Arale: 1e+18 Power Level. Simply the strongest, since she is a Gag Character. Rip General Blue by gag character


Wow, these sagas are getting short. Let me know if I missed anything or messed up!


Commander Red Saga:

Bora: 73 Power Level. Bora is powerful for his time, however is still significantly weaker than Tao and Post-Training Goku.

Captain Yellow: 37 Power Level. Easily defeated by Bora and Goku, so probably fodder but still strong.

Mercenary Tao: 106 Power Level. Extremely strong, beat Bora and Blue.

Mercenary Tao (Dodon Ray): 134 Power Level. Would kill Goku if it wasn't for the Four-Star Dragon Ball.

Korin: 127 Power Level. Goku was unable to outrun Korin, and his speed was immense. He must be around 100 Power Level, however not a huge boost from Goku before his training.

Goku (After Training): 153 Power Level. Goku was easily able to take on Mercenary Tao, even his Dodon Ray. This means that he gotten a 100 Power Level boost by training with Korin.

Mercenary Tao (Mad): 154 Power Level. Being able to take on Relaxed Goku is very powerful, however serious Goku plays with Tao.

Goku (After Training, Serious): 195 Power Level. Goku plays with Tao in this serious form.

Staff Officer Black: 84 Power Level. Goku says that Tao was more of a challenge than Black, however he may have gotten a Zenkai Boost and training from Korin. However I believe Staff Officer Black to be around 80.

Commander Red: 6 Power Level. As being the power of a normal human (Similar to Pilaf), he was easily defeated by Staff Officer Black, and thus is extremely weak.


Phew, this was a nice saga to make. I love how Goku's training makes him stronger than stronger. Any feedback, please?


Fortuneteller Baba Saga:

Fangs the Vampire: 7 Power Level. He is incredibly weak, however can suck blood to become extremely powerful. He sucked blood to easily defeat Krillin, however was defeated by Upa and Puar.

See-through the Invisible Man: 8 Power Level. His perks are invisibility, but after Yamcha's plan, he was easily defeated because of his weak strength.

Bandages the Mummy: 46 Power Level. He is very strong, as he took down Yamcha with ease. However, since Goku is extremely powerful at this point, Goku easily took down Bandages.

Spike the Devil Man: 62 Power Level. He is strong, however was pushed enough by Goku to use his technique. However it only works on non-pure hearted people and Goku took him down with ease.

Grandpa Gohan: 237 Power Level. He is known to be equal to Goku in his fight with him, and even had a upper hand (tail). However, he unmasked himself after a while and the fight ended. I believe that he was about 30 more Power Level than Serious Goku.


Its teh end of this saga. By the way, all the Z-Fighters have all had the same Power Levels since they were last mentioned lol. Remember that.


Tien Shinhan Saga:

King Chappa: 43 Power Level. He was very powerful in the previous tournament he was in, however was easily defeated by Goku (obviously). I assumed his Power Level to be around 40.

Yamcha (Post-Training): 47 Power Level. As Yamcha trained with Master Roshi he is more powerful. I expect his brute strength to be about 50.

Tien Shinhan: 164 Power Level. Being extremely powerful, Tien had a huge upper hand against Yamcha.

Yamcha (Wolf Hurricane Attack): 66 Power Level. Using a barrage increases his power, but it's nothing for Tien. I thought this would increase his base by about 20.

Yamcha (Kamehameha): 84 Power Level. This increases his base power by 40 Power Level, which almost gives him even 100 Power Level. His power is very great, however Tien reflects it.

Man-Wolf: 53 Power Level. His Power Level is strong; stronger than even Yamcha, however Jackie Chun has surpassed him by more than 20. He was easily taken out by Jackie Chun.

Krillin (Post-Training): 67 Power Level. Following Krillin's training, he has become much stronger. Now, he can fare against Chiaotzu like he couldn't before.

Krillin (Weak Kamehameha): 75 Power Level. This Kamehameha was weaker than a normal one, as it was his first Kamehameha, but it increased his power by 15. This hurt Chiaotzu, however not a lot.

Chiaotzu: 93 Power Level. Chiaotzu was obviously surpassing Krillin, and a series of Math Questions were the only way to push him out of the ring. If not for that simple weakness, Krillin would've probably lost.

Pamput: 34 Power Level. Pamput was extremely weak, being defeated after 3 hits from Goku that wasn't even serious.

Jackie Chun (Full Power): 137 Power Level. Jackie Chun at full power actually caught up to Tien, which is rare. However, he knew that Tien was incredibly stronger after fighting for a while and didn't want to follow an evil path, and forfeited.

Goku (Full Power): 256 Power Level. At Goku's full power, his Power Level increases by 50. He can fare with Tien, however it is still not enough.

Tien (Serious): 258 Power Level. Tien is clearly stronger than Goku at this point, being stronger than Full Power Goku without even being Full Power himself. However, the match will still continue for a long time until he increases his power sharply.

Tien (Tri-Beam): 360 Power Level. The Tri-Beam risks Tien's life, however increased his Power Level by 100. This was enough to defeat Goku.


Tien Shinhan Saga is done, and now a pool of feels! I swear I will watch these arcs I'm just researching them right now ;-; give me feedback pls


King Piccolo Saga:

Tambourine: 210 Power Level. He easily defeats Weak Goku in battle, however easily defeated by Full-Power Goku, so he is about Power Level 210.

Yajirobe: 133 Power Level. He is evenly matched with Hungry but Serious Goku, which is about 125 Power Level.

Cymbal: 104 Power Level. Yajirobe easily defeats Cymbal, showing that he is not that strong.

Goku (Full-Power Kamehameha): 297 Power Level. Full-Power Goku is 256 Power Level, and a Kamehameha may increase power by 30-40 Power Level.

King Piccolo (Aged): 354 Power Level. King Piccolo has the upper-hand during his fight with Goku, meaning that he has more Power Level than 300 (Which is Goku's Full-Power Kamehameha Power Level). He temporarily killed Goku, meaning he has about 50 more Power Level.

Drum: 284 Power Level. Drum was able to defeat Tien very easily. This makes Drum around 30 more Power Level than Serious Tien, making it around 280. However, Goku kills Drum with one kick after drinking the Ultra Divine Water.

King Piccolo (Youth): 700 Power Level. Coming back to his prime, I am assuming his Power Level doubles from his aged form. He gets easily pushed around by Goku until he charges up.

Goku (Ultra Divine Water): 723 Power Level. After drinking the Ultra Divine Water, his serious Power Level is about his previous Full Power Tripled.

King Piccolo (Youth and Charged Up): 860 Power Level. Being fully charged up, this is King Piccolo's full power.

Goku (Ultra Divine Water, Kamehameha): 765 Power Level. His Kamehameha increases his power by 30.

Goku (Ultra Divine Water, Full Power): 840 Power Level. After using his full power, his Power Level increases 120 more. This is still barely enough to beat King Piccolo.

Goku (Penetrate!): 900 Power Level. This is Goku's full power imbedded into one punch. This was enough to kill King Piccolo.


Wow, I had to watch a few episodes on Hulu to find out the Power Scale between Tambourine, Yajirobe and Cymbal. But its done, and I don't have to go through the feels anymore. Just the Piccolo Jr. Saga now! Please give feedback, I make these Power Scalings as fast as possible.


Piccolo Jr. Saga:

This saga doesn't have much accurate information for me to have power levels, please give me feedback on this

Mr. Popo: 812 Power Level. Goku, even with the Ultra Divine Water, couldn't touch him at all. I believe he'd be 80 Power Level above Goku, however my opinions may change later.

King Chappa: 87 Power Level. I assume that he had become stronger through training, about 40. Goku was still able to defeat him with a light tap.

Goku (Post-Training, Supressed): 632 Power Level. After training for 3 years, I assume that his Full Power Form is now the same Power Level as his new relaxed form. However, the supressed armor adjusts his Power Level to Tiens, which makes sense in the later matches.

Chiaotzu (Post-Training): 287 Power Level. I assume that Chiaotzu has gained 200 Power Level through the 3 years, and has reached 250 Power Level.

Mercenary Tao (Cyborg): 389 Power Level. Now a Cyborg, his power level "multiplied several times" now. I assumed to go up to around 400 Power Level. This would be enough to defeat Chiaotzu easily.

Tien Shinhan (Post-Training): 643 Power Level. Tien easily took on Tao, meaning that he is significantly stronger than Cyborg Tao.

Chi-Chi: 54 Power Level. As a martial artist, I assumed she would be around 50 Power Level.

Krillin (Post-Training): 625 Power Level. Krillin is extremely similar to Tien in power, so I assumed he'd be just behind Tien. Why he is behind is because Tien exchanges his life for powerful attacks.

Krillin (Double Tsuihikidan): 653 Power Level. Krillin's power goes up while using this double energy beam, surpassing that of Tien.

Piccolo Jr.: 858 Power Level. Being the offspring of the great King Piccolo, his power is very great. This power is that of rivals Goku.

Yamcha (Post-Training): 468 Power Level. After the three year training, I assumed he increased his power by 100 each year, and making an exact number would lead to about 450.

Yamcha (Spirit Ball): 515 Power Level. The Spirit Ball increases his power level by 50, which makes it go up to 500.

Kami: 758 Power Level. Mr. Popo is stronger than Kami, so I gave him a 750 Power Level. This makes sense as Piccolo Jr. was stronger than him, and Kami was playing around with Yamcha.

Goku (Post-Training, Un-Supressed): 856 Power Level. Goku is now the power of him in his Youth, at full power even though this is his relaxed form now. This was enough to quickly outmaneuver Tien.

Goku (Post-Training, Un-Supressed, Super Kamehameha): 924 Power Level. This destroys Piccolo's clothing, and scathes him.

Piccolo Jr. (Chasing Bullet): 893 Power Level. This technique increased his Power by 30, however Goku deflects this technique.

Goku (Post-Training, Un-Supressed, Meteor Combination): 935 Power Level.


I did it; took 6 long hours, but I completed a Power Level List for all of the og Dragon Ball. Give me feedback or i'll eat you omnomnomnom


The new "Power Scale" is that 100-1000 away is now the easy defeat.

Raditz Saga:

Gohan: 1 Power Level. Even though a Saiyan, he is incredibly weak as a child unless he is enraged.

Goku (Serious): 913 Power Level. I assume that Goku has not trained between Dragon Ball and Z, however please correct me if I'm wrong. Serious Goku should be around 50 Power Level more than his relaxed counterpart, being around 900.

Raditz: 1,036 Power Level. Because of my new Z rule, I believe Raditz was around 1,000 Power Level, as he wasn't serious and still was toying with Serious Goku

Gohan (Enraged): 1,043 Power Level. Gohan was very similar to Raditz in power, being able to strike his armor. I thought that he was a bit more than Raditz, as he hurt Raditz quite a lot.

Piccolo Jr. (Special Beam Cannon): 1,067 Power Level. This attack was able to mortally wound Raditz, so much that he was easily killed with a death blow.


This power levels have finally gotten to the thousands! Well, this was a short one as I assume Piccolo and Goku haven't trained.


Saiyan Saga:

Gohan (Great Ape): 14 Power Level. Gohan can't have his hidden power in ape, so I assumed his Power Level to be around 10. That should still be enough to destroy a mountain.

Gohan (Post-Desert-Training): 25 Power Level. Because he was surviving in a desert, I assume his training was very similar to Kid Goku and so his power level would be as well.

Goku (Post-Training): 3,726 Power Level. Before his training, Goku's power level was around 1,000. After his training, I believe he would be around 3,500.

Saibamen: 562 Power Level. Saibamen are weak, weaker than any of teh Z-Fighters, but are stronger than Yamcha because of their self-destruct technique.

Nappa: 6,537 Power Level. Being stronger than serious Piccolo means that he is a couple thousand stronger than him.

Nappa (Bomber DX): 6,835 Power Level. His enraged Bomber DX must be a couple hundred stronger than himself.

Goku (Post-Training, Powered Up): 6,636 Power Level. Because he was around evenly matched with Nappa, I thought his powered up form is very similar to Nappa.

Goku (Kaioken): 13,264 Power Level. Because of the Kaioken technique, it doubled his strength.

Goku (Kaioken x2): 18,357 Power Level. Increases his power level 6,000 past his Kaioken x1 counterpart.

Goku (Kaioken x3): 24,637 Power Level. This increases his previous power level again, this time to 24,000.

Vegeta: 19,673 Power Level. Holding his own against a Kaioken x2 means that he is very strong.

Vegeta (Galick Gun): 26,274 Power Level. If not for x4, Vegeta would probably overpower x3 Goku.

Goku (Kaioken x4 Kamehameha): 30,326 Power Level. This Power devastates Vegeta, however Goku as well.

Goku (Exhausted): 6,563 Power Level. Exhausted Goku must be stronger than normal Goku (Due To Zenkai Boost), so maybe up to Powered-Up Goku.

Vegeta (Great Ape): 76,047 Power Level. His Great Ape form greatly increased his Power Level, which would've made Goku worthless.

Goku (Spirit Bomb): 9,847 Power Level. Of course, this power would be stronger than Vegeta.

Vegeta (Exhausted): 8,485 Power Level. I assumed that exhausted Vegeta is one half of his normal power.

Gohan (Great Ape): 10,026 Power Level. Gohan is stronger than exhausted Vegeta, so i assumed 10,000.


Yeah, this saga was long. I got a little lazy with the Power Levels, but I believe it is accurate. Highest Power Level now is Great Ape Vegeta ofc.


Namek Saga: