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Alright, so an average human (with gun) is 5 power level. Pilaf Saga Goku is 10 power level. Lets say that with one gun a human can destroy a wall (kinda overestimating, stay with me). That means that with one punch Goku can destroy two walls. It feels too little.

Now, start of DBZ Goku is 416 power level. 83.2 walls with one punch. Kid Buu is 1,150,000,000 power level, which is 230,000,000 walls with one punch. I mean, that isn't even close to what Kid Buu can actually do (destroy planets easily). Even god damn Vegeta is not safe from this madness. 15,000 power level, which is 3,000 walls with one punch. Vegeta was able to destroy the world in his debut.

Next up Beerus will have the power to destroy 6 planets with one punch according to his power level, I'm calling it.

So tell me if I messed up which I probably did, and make sure to tell me how I dun goofed and that Power Levels are not stupid kbye