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Hello fellow Dragon Ball fans!

This is The King Taurus speaking, Dragon Ball super fan and the administrator of the official Dragon Ball Absalon series wikia page. I'm writing this blog to ask for you guys's help and this is an open invitation to anyone who is also a fan of DBA. I've been building a wikia all on my own for about a year now and its a little more overwhemling then I thought it would be to creating pages, organzing, editing and proofreading them etc. all on my own, it's 125+ pages and growing. So what I'm asking for is a little help with this and maybe add more administrators who would regularly contribute like I have to the wikia site. So if you're truly interested, take a look at what I've done so far at this link (Dragon Ball Absalon wikia ) and contact me on my Twitter (click here ) if you want to help out.


The King Taurus (DBA wikia administrator)