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What do you reckon, who was going to win?

I thought Dabura had the edge, not just from watching the fight, but because Goku made a comment, "What does Gohan think he's doing? A direct attack won't work on this guy. He should know better than that!". That comment is interesting, I don't know, but it seems to suggest Dabura is too strong for Gohan to attack. And the fact that Dabura almost turned him to stone, and kept out-manoeuvring him so easily, it looked to me like Gohan would have been beaten if the fight lasted much longer. Certainly Vegeta was unhappy with having to watch, and he stated that Dabura was toying with Gohan, again re-inforcing the argument against Gohan.

What do you think? Did Gohan have the edge in power, was he going to win it in the long run? Or was Dabura either stronger, or just more tactically wise than Gohan, such that he was going to win?