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Hi, Koukishi, welcome to Dragon Ball Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Cell page.

If you're new to editing on Wikia, check out this page for editing tips and tricks. Also, take a look at our Manual of Style, and Rules for editing guidelines on this particular wiki.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- SSJ4 Lewich (Talk) 14:05, September 4, 2010

Hello There

Currently, the user Nonoitall could use help from experienced users in updating our site with the new semantic mediawiki technology. If you ask him how you can help, I have no doubt that you will be able to help improve the site. -- SSJ4 Goku(2) 00:14, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

Re: Projects

Hey, that's great! You might check out the "How can I help?" section of my user page for a few things that need doing around here. There are also lots and lots of articles (episode articles in particular) that could use some polish or even full rewriting, if you're a skilled writer. Thanks and good luck! -- Nonoitall talk contr 21:23, September 29, 2010 (UTC)


Please do not place Wiki links in the captions of pictures. The links should be placed in the actual information of the articles and not the blurbs that accompany the pictures. Thank you for your cooperation. GTGohanBlueGroup6blue400 1203477316 wwwtengoverguenzablogspotcom-luis-v-blue-goku 17:20, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

It's okay, don't sweat it. Basically, the picture captions should just be tiny re-caps of the information in the actual paragraphs of the article. Since it is our policy to only link to any page once, the captions of the articles would not be a good place to do this. Make sense? GTGohanBlueGroup6blue400 1203477316 wwwtengoverguenzablogspotcom-luis-v-blue-goku 17:53, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Re: Categories

Yes, our categories are a mess. Since we very recently started using Semantic MediaWiki, it's my hope that we'll get a lot of these categories replaced with semantic properties that are better organized. Categories should preferably be used to describe what an article's subject is (think generic nouns), while properties can be used to describe characteristics about that subject. For example, right now we have a characters category, but we also have a characters who can fly category. When you think about it, this model will turn into a mess if we try to scale it; we'd end up with a characters who know the Kamehameha technique category and a characters who know the Masenko technique category and a characters who know the Fusion technique category, ad infinitum.

A more logical way to group things, will be to simply have one category, characters (and maybe a few broad and fundamental subcategories like Category:Villains), and to define a property that specifies what technique(s) a character knows. For example, Gohan could be added to Category:Characters and have properties set like [[knows technique::Flight]], [[knows technique::Kamehameha]] and [[knows technique::Masenko]]. In this way, with one category and one property, we've eliminated all those redundant categories that would've been created previously. In this example, it would also make it possible to automatically generate a list or table of characters who know a certain technique — to place on that technique's page, for example. For another example of a place where this concept could simplify things, take a look at all the categories that Dragon Ball: Raging Blast belongs to.

Anyway, that's probably still a few months in the future. Even though semantic properties are fantastic tools, it's very important that we develop them in a coordinated and calculated manner, or we'll have the same chaos with them that we currently have with categories. To that end, I've been creating templates that simplify the insertion of semantic properties into articles, and am currently working on our episode articles. In the here and now, there are still a few ways that you could help to sort out the category mess. Some examples would be:

  • Category:Namek Saga — As our Manual of Style states, categories are concepts that can be quantified as plural nouns. "Namek Saga" makes for a very nebulous category that has no clear definitions. The same thing applies to any other "_____ Saga" category, or to categories like Category:Dragon Ball. (By the way, what wouldn't go in that category on a Dragon Ball wiki?) Basically, if the category isn't a plural noun, that should be a red flag right there that it should probably be removed...
  • Category:Former Villains — Many of our categories do not follow our wiki's naming convention. Namely, only the first letter in the category's name should be capitalized (and of course, proper nouns should be capitalized as well).
  • Category:Hobbies, Category:Sayans task — Some categories don't even make sense to the wiki and should be eliminated.

So, if you'd like to help out with any of those problems, you can see a whole list of our categories on Special:Categories. If you eliminate all the links to a bad category and the category page itself still exists, you can either contact one of us admins or add the {{delete}} template to the category page to let us know the page needs deletion. Thanks in advance if you're able to tackle any of that! -- Nonoitall talk contr 23:35, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

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