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Hi there. Based on the recent changes page, you seem to be a regular around here. This is the first time I've ever stopped by (usually on wikia I just edit wookieepedia) and am relatively interested in putting some work in over here. But it seems relatively disorganized and there is a total lack of any community pages. Are there even any administators? None came up when I went to Special:Listusers/sysop. Just wondering if you could enlighten me if there are any rules I should know before editing and where I can look for a manual of style for this wiki or something. Hit my Talk page. Thanks. Wildyoda 05:12, 17 February 2007 (UTC)


Hey there, my name is Burdock and I'm a low-level saiyan. I have a question for you: have you read Forum:Manual of Style#Naming articles? You seem to be redirecting the characters that have been moved to their correct, original, and translated names back to their English dub names (two of which you made were Chiaotzu and Frieza). May I ask why? If you don't mind me saying so, Wildyoda has lefted some rules for us to follow here at the Dragon Ball Wikia. If you were uninformed about the rules, then I understand. Everybody makes mistakes and I apologize if I was a little harsh about it. At least you have some insight now on what the correct names are, right? Regards - Burdock

Thanks for your message. I never said to use "manga" names. We must use their most correct, original, and translated names given in the Japanese anime and manga. This goes for all characters, regardless. I don't even agree with several English manga names such as Pui Pui as "Pocus", Vegetto as "Vegerot", Majin Buu as "Djinn Boo", or Mr. Satan as "Hercule", regardless, we should use the correct names even if we don't like it. For "Hercule", it's a different case because the Viz manga and the FUNimation English dub is censored because "satan" is known to be a graphic name in Judeo-Christian references for the sensitivities of western audiences. In such, "Hercule" is immediately the wrong name to use here since it is not the most original, correct, and translated name. I have just noticed that you still went ahead and re-redirected Kiwi and Freeza to their incorrect names, Cui and Frieza. I shall undo your edits for now, but please do not perform such changes again and dicuss the protocals with Wildyoda, who created the rules for us to abide by in the Dragon Ball wikia. Regards - Burdock
Actually, regarding Kiwi/Cui, I just found out that the name is spelt as "Kewi" in the Japanese anime by Toei Doga[1]. Look for "Kewi" in his seiyu, Kouji Totani, on the Japanese cast of that website. Isn't that the name we should be using? Regards - Burdock
Hey there Recoome, 'tis I Burdock. So, haven't seen ya around here much. What's up? Here's what I think is a good explanation for what article names we should utilise: it appears that the article names that we should use for the Dragon Ball series characters should be names that reflect their pun origin. According to this website I discovered [2], "Kewi" is apparently the same name Steve "Daimao" Simmons used for the Kiwi character on the Japanese-audio English-subtitled anime. So, while I "partly" agree with you that we should utilize the popular names FUNimation and other English dubs used, the pun names should take a precedence since they are what the series creator, Akira Toriyama, intended as a basis for the names to be a part of a joke or play on words. That's all, yeah - I shall take off now conquering the articles here for perfection. My Regards to you - Burdock, the father of Goku

It's 'bout time!

I was wonderin' what happened to you, man. So, what's up? I've been sorta neglecting this site since it appeared I was the only one upgrading everything. It got a bit boring, don't cha think? On Wikipedia, I proposed to start a team to clean up this wikia with two other users you may know: User:SUIT and User:MajinSuperVegeta from the DB wikiproject. You wanna join us? I noticed that you used to be a member of the DB wikiproject until, from what I understood, you were involved with vandals that shared the name Sonic. I thought to myself "what a shame, he [User:Recoome] is a vandal", until suddenly I saw that your case was a bit different than the Sonic "sockpuppets". It seems you had problems with a user named Power Level, correct? What was all that about? Was he like your friend and then turned to enemy? He was not a sockpuppet, but he retired, something about being blocked for personally attacking you, I think. Well, send me a message back ASAP, and thanks for understanding about the names. Burdock

hey buddy ol' pal!

It's me, your friend Zarbond! i've been looking for you. someone violated my account here so I had to make a new one. lots of insanity took place on wikipedia while I was gone. Ha! They vandalized Zarbon and Dodoria and now theyy don't own a page no more. Haaaa! stupid fools. well who cares so what are you up to these days? Zarbon

well, i shall come back as Recoome but don't worry buds, the show must continue! Zarbon

Did you really leave?

Hey man, I read your retirement sign on Wikipedia. Did you actually leave? Please let me know, ok? We could sure use your help there, and here as well. Bye. Burdock

Recoome, according to your recent contributions, you're still editing. Can I ask what in the world went on with that vandal? Are you Power Level or Zarbon, or someone else? I have to go, but please get back to on figuring out who did the vandalizing. Dantman would love to know too, okay? Burdock, the Saiyan
I lefted a message at my talk page so please, if you may see it and respond there, I will be most content. I am Burdock
Okay Recoome, I'm trusting you for now. How do I chat with you on IRC, not msn? Burdock

Be honest here

I know you may prefer to speak of this by MSN in any means. I don't even know my MSN anymore. IRC is out of the question. Let me just have confirmed two things here, okay? Do you believe that Power Level (the user) was Prince Zarbon and not your friend Zarbon? Also, why do you continue to hide the fact that you're a sockpuppeteer on Wiki by removing that tag? This perturbs me, even more since your reason is quite unexplained. Just answer these questions honestly to me on DB wiki and I'll befriend you and stop questioning. Burdock

I just read your message and those links. Why didn't you tell me any of this before? I believe you now. So Wiki-star was Prince Zarbon. This is news to me. Did you always know this or did you just figure it out? Seems you, Zarbon and this Wiki-star have been warring all over the wikis. Let's hear the thoughts of Dantman. Burdock
I posted a question on my talk page regarding your abuse of ip sockpuppetry at Wikipedia. May you answer there please? Burdock
I think you're misunderstood about quite a few things. You can't create accounts just because you're blocked for 3rr, which I'm sure you know that. About Power Level, he was actually banned by Deskana like yesterday for annoying incivilty so there's no need for your "revenge". For whatever the reason was that you were blocked on Wikiquote, your continuity to edit Wikipedia in ip form is ridiculous and only serves to ruin your reputation. I think you should stop abusing ips immediately because it is irritating to revert your edits. Personally, I think you are somewhat a useful editor and I really wish you could improve. Forget banned users like Power Level, Zarbon and Wiki-star, you worry about yourself. Now, once more, I am willing to put everything behind and move on. I am currently improving a few articles as we speak and am kindly asking this: Will you stop editing Wikipedia as ips? I'm trying to be your friend, not enemy, but you seem to enjoy pushing me away with this pointless sockpuppeteering. Do we have an agreement? Will you cut it out and move on? Burdock
On another note, Deskana did say later that you weren't allowed to remove that tag[3]. Deskana actually blocked you for personal attacks and ip disruption, not for something like that. It is over now, I'm glad I know who Prince Zarbon is (I'll watch for Wiki-star activities), can we just be friends and get on with our lives? Burdock, the Saiyan
Ah yes, you should sign your posts with three tildes like ~~~ don't do this. Its a lot easier, its what I do when I sign off. Burdock
I was expecting a response. You should really change this habit of commenting and ignoring the person, really. Concerns? Burdock

Heya mate

Hey mate. I finally joined the Dragon Ball wiki after such a long hiatus. I couldn't join under the same user name as I joined all the other wikis however because someone already took my original one here. I think it was wiki-star because that person has had a history of stealing my name and using it in his vandalism and stupidity. How have you been btw bro? - PrinceZarbon 04:42, 20 February 2009 (UTC)

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