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"Once Frieza's subordinate Dodoria was way from the group, Vegeta capitalized on his isolation, beating him easily. Later, Vegeta attacked a village on Planet Namek, where he obtained a Dragon Ball and hid it underwater. Meanwhile, hearing from Dende that Guru on Planet Namek had the final Dragon Ball in his possession... ...Krillin set out to meet with Guru. Unaware of this development, Vegeta continued to search for the final Dragon Ball, when he detected Zarbon's power."
— Narrator

Vegeta and Zarbon is the sixth level of the Dragon Walker mode in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team.


Vegeta detects Zarbon's power level and sets out to kill him. Vegeta tells Zarbon of Dodoria's demise by his hands, shocking Zarbon greatly. While the two engage in battle, Zarbon questions Vegeta why he would betray Frieza, he replies that Saiyans hate to take orders. Vegeta tells Zarbon of his goal: to gain immortality to help him in his fight against Frieza, Zarbon thinks this plan is foolish. Zarbon begins to get overwhelmed by Vegeta's most basic techniques, leading him to show him his true power, something that was never seen in years. This amuses Vegeta, he encourages Zarbon to transform.

Vegeta is shocked at Zarbon, now having attained an ugly, beast-like form. Zarbon informs Vegeta that Frieza also has a similar ability, then he defeats Vegeta in an instant.

Meanwhile, Krillin and Dende reached Guru's home. Guru expresses his gratitude towards Krillin for saving Dende. Learning about the situation from Krillin and Dende, Guru gave the final Dragon Ball to Krillin.

After the transformed Zarbon had defeated Vegeta, he put the injured Vegeta in a Recuperation Chamber in an effort to gain information about the other Dragon Balls, as ordered by Frieza. However, with his wounds healing quickly, Vegeta easily burst his way free, and went on the offensive in an attempt to steal Frieza's 5 Dragon Balls. After Vegeta collects Frieza's five Dragon Balls, he detects a strong power, Krillin. Vegeta is surprised to see him on Namek and follows Krillin, eventually catching up with him, and Bulma. Zarbon then arrives, Bulma believes he is one of the good guys due to his handsomeness, Zarbon demands Vegeta to tell the location of the last Dragon Ball, Vegeta does not give him the answer he was willing to hear, and they do battle. Vegeta overwhelms Zarbon due to his near-death experience, and Zarbon tries to make Vegeta spare him, he proposes Vegeta to form a team, and defeat Frieza together. Vegeta kills Zarbon, and says that if teaming up with him is enough, he won't be worried.

Bonus Missions

  • After escaping the Recuperation Chamber as Vegeta, both Frieza and Monster-Form Zarbon can be battled. Frieza is astounded by Vegeta's insolence, while Vegeta wonders if he can make it out alive. After he defeats/escapes from them, he says, that he will obtain eternal life and then will be able to defeat Frieza.
  • When following Krillin, Vegeta can visit the upper-left destroyed village on the planet, there he encounters Saibamen, Vegeta is at first surprised they defy him, then he decides to play with them, and kills them easily, remarking it was a waste of time. The player is rewarded with 500 Z-points.