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Vikal (ビカル Bikaru) is a warrior from Universe 2 and a member of Team Universe 2.



Vikal's eyes

Vikal is a humanoid girl with long pale blue hair, pointed ears, gold eyes (usually glowing purple), black and purple wings, and light grey skin similar in color to that of the Magical Girl Transformation. Her outfit consists of a purple and black leotard.


Vikal speaks in a polite manner towards her teammates, using elevated language and respectful terms of address. She is also shown to be very kind to the Kamikaze Fireballs on her team, specially Sanka Ku, calling her "Divine/Mistress Kakunsa".


Dragon Ball Super

Universal Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga

Vikal vs 17

17 easily subjugates Vikal

During the Tournament of Power, Vikal fights as a warrior on Team Universe 2. Vikal was seen as she witnessed Kale about to fire her Blaster Meteor alongside Borareta and Lubalt. Later on, she, along with several other members of her team, cheer on the Kamikaze Fireballs during their transformation sequence. When Sanka Ku is first knocked out of the ring by an attack from Android 17, she uses her flight to catch her and bring her back into the ring. Android 17 then targets Vikal and not only knocks her unconscious and out of the ring but kicks her all the way into the spectator bench.


Vikal was able to throw Kakunsa hard enough to send Android 17 flying, however he showed no visible damage. When 17 got serious, she was no match and was effortlessly knocked out of the arena.

Techniques and Abilities

Vikal flyng

Vikal's Flight

  • Flight - Her wings allow natural flight.

Voice actors

  • Japanese: TBA
  • English: TBA



  • Vikal is presumably named after kalbi (カルビ), Korean-style marinated barbecued ribs.
    • The scene where Vikal saves Kakunsa from being rung out is an over-the-top parody of shoujo anime romance, presumably indicating a romantic relationship between the two women. This is further evidenced by Helles' and Ribrianne's commentary that the two have the power of love on their side.

Energy wave used by an unknown user in episode 97

  • A red energy wave was shot by unknown female fighter in episode 97, and Vikal is the possible user based on the outfit except for skin coloration.
  • In earlier episodes, her wings were shown to be more akin to a mantle.



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