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Villainous Mode is a power up taken on by several individuals who are put under Towa and Demigra's Dark Magic.


Dark Mr. Buu

Villainous Mode Majin Buu

Most users of Villainous Mode have a special technique named Baked Sphere.

In the game's story mode, several characters during the story take on Villainous Mode, with their power increasing dramatically, and can even grant an individual additional abilities, with a Villainous Mode version of Mr. Satan gaining the ability to fly and shoot ki blasts. In some Parallel Quests, certain fighters will also enter Villainous Mode.

Villainous Mode Arch Villains

The transformed Kid Buu, Cell, and Frieza in Villainous Mode confront the Future Warrior

During the finale of Xenoverse, during the Demon God Demigra Saga, Demigra resurrects Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu, and transforms them, also powering them up with Villainous Mode. Goku and the Future Warrior fight and defeat the three. However, Vegeta, Gotenks, and Gohan arrive, having also been transformed and put into Villainous Mode. Goku and the Future Warrior defeat them, returning them to normal.

DBXV Female Future Warrior's Ego Villainous Mode 323470 screenshots 2015-06-10 00026

Villainous Mode Future Warrior's Ego

During Elder Kai's training of the Future Warrior, Elder Kai creates a doppelganger of the Warrior's Ego. After being defeated, the Warrior's Ego revives and transforms into Villainous Mode. After the Warrior defeats their Ego, Elder Kai reveals that they had just defeated the dark ambitious ego that had been growing deep within the Warrior's soul. It is implied that the Ego's use of Villainous Mode was actually a manifestation of the Warrior's own inner darkness which the Warrior's Ego personified. However it is also possible that the Warrior's Ego was affected by Demigra's Dark Magic during the Demon God's failed attempt to take control of the Warrior during the Demon God Demigra Saga.


Techniques and Special Abilities

All Villainous Mode fighters have the same techniques, aside from their regular Super and Ultimate Skills.

  • Darkness Mixer- A Power Up Super Skill that creates a hazardous electrical aura while recharging ki and stamina.
  • Rage Saucer - A Rush Strike Super Skill that involves warps towards the opponent and strikes them before smashing them into the ground.
  • Bloody Sauce - A splitting Energy Ball Super Skill that slows down the opponent on hit.
  • Baked Sphere - A miasma of dark energy that damages the opponent before detonating.


IMG 148656890070869-1-

Demon God Possessed Z Fighters in Villainous Mode's Super Saiyan variants

The Villainous Mode state has two Super Saiyan variants. These states are slightly different from the regular Villainous Mode in that they give the user additional traits.

  • Villainous Mode (Super Saiyan): Used by Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3) and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan).
  • Villainous Mode (Super Saiyan 2): Used by Vegeta (Super Saiyan 2) and Gohan (Potential Unleashed).



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