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Viola, the Female Saiyan Elite (エリート), is a Human who utilizes the advanced time travel technology of the Dragon Ball Heroes machines, allowing her to become a Saiyan.[1]

The Female Saiyan Elite is a playable Saiyan avatar in the Japanese arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.



She and the other female Saiyan avatars appear under the name Note (ノート) in the Hero Road mode of the game, and she is named Viola in the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.


The Female Elite appearance is very similar to that of Android 18 in Dragon Ball GT, but she is much shorter, has black hair, and has a Saiyan tail. She wears a blue mid-driff suit, a yellow belt with a pair of earrings, white boots and black shorts.


In the 14th Victory Mission chapter, "Shenron(?) appears!!", Viola is defeated by the Majin Hero Kabra in a tournament held in the Satan City Heroes Stadium. In chapter 20, shortly after the tournament was cancelled and Dragon Ball Heroes decided to save the kidnapped Android avatar users, Viola comes to aid Kabra in his battle against the Majin Berserker Salaga on the Sacred World of the Kais battle stage.


Viola is presumably the third weakest of the contestants who made it to round two of the Strongest Hero Tournament, as Kabra believes that she is the only person that he could face off against and last against without a complete defeat (other than Pico, who Kabra believes he could defeat).

Forms and transformations

Super Saiyan

Main article: Super Saiyan


The Female Saiyan Elite as a Super Saiyan

The Female Saiyan Elite can become a Super Saiyan in-game.

Super Saiyan 2

Main articles: Class-up and Super Saiyan 2


Class Up Female Saiyan Elite as a Super Saiyan 2

After using Class-up, the Female Saiyan Elite can become a Super Saiyan 2 in-game.

Super Saiyan 3

Main articles: Super Class-up and Super Saiyan 3

SS3 Viola

Super Class Female Saiyan Elite as a Super Saiyan 3

After using Super Class-up, the Female Saiyan Elite can become a Super Saiyan 3 in-game.

Super Saiyan God

Main articles: God Class-up and Super Saiyan God After using God Class-up, the Female Saiyan Elite can become a Super Saiyan God in-game.

Video game appearances


Voice actresses

  • Japanese: Mie Sonozaki (園崎未恵)


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