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"Feel my Godly might."
— Fused Zamasu using this technique.

Wall of Light is a special ability utilized by Fused Zamasu.


Fused Zamasu creates a huge purple entity from pure ki, resembling a monstrous bird. Despite its ethereal nature, the entity appears to be its own being, as it roars occasionally. It can fire Lightning of Absolution from itself and serves as a shield for Fused Zamasu, as it needs to be destroyed to get close to him. Its weak point is the core in its chest, and it will fade away upon its destruction.

Fused Zamasu uses the Wall of Light while fighting Goku and Vegeta, however the two eventually manage to destroy its core, and thus the Wall of Light itself.[1]


  • The Wall of Light slightly resembles the Susanoo[1] or more specifically Sasuke Uchiha's[2] Complete Body Susanoo from the Naruto Series. Both are large purple entities with large wings sprouting from their backs. Sasuke also has the ability to use lightning with the Susanoo just like how Zamasu is able to use Lightning of Absolution with the Wall of Light.


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