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"A fledgling martial artist. He lacks confidence, and gets more nervous than any other."
Dragon Ball Fusions profile description

Wanta is an Earthling martial artist who appears as a character in Dragon Ball Fusions. Together with his friend Paprika he joins Pinich's Team in order to take part in the Timespace Tournament inside the Timespace Rift created by Tekka and Pinich's wish to Shenron for a tournament to determine the strongest fighter in time and space.


According to his profile, Wanta lacks confidence, tends to get nervous easily.


Ultra Pinich

Main article: Ultra Pinich The Ultra Fusion form created by Wanta performing Five-Way Fusion with Pinich, Paprika, Frieza, and Cell to create the Ultimate Ultra Fusion. However, when first formed, Cell and Frieza are in complete control of Ultra Pinich, making it evil despite the good natures of Pinich, Paprika, Wanta himself. Due to possessing a Saiyan tail and Saiyan genetics from Pinich, Paprika, and Cell, Ultra Pinich can use a Power Ball to transform into a Golden Great Ape due to Ultra Pinich having a permanent fused Super Saiyan form. However, Frieza and Cell progressively lose control to Pinich (likely assisted by Wanta and Paprika) as Great Ape Ultra Pinich takes damage, allowing Tekka's Team to defeat Ultra Pinich who falls through a portal that defuses them freeing Wanta, Paprika, and Pinich. Unlike other Ultra Fusions, Ultra Pinich can remained fused for an indefinite period.

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