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Warrior-type Namekian (戦士タイプのナメック星人 Senshi Taipu no Namekku-seijin, lit. "Warrior-type People of Planet Namek"), also called Warriors[1] (戦士 Senshi), are Namekians who are proficient in combat and have more muscularity than those of the Dragon Clan.



Two Warrior-type Namekians at Guru's house

There were fifteen Warrior-type Namekians on planet Namek before Frieza's attack. Power Levels of Warrior-type Namekians estimate between 1,000 and 42,000. With a power level of 42,000, Nail is the most powerful of this type alive during the Frieza Saga.[2]

The first three of these type seen were the Namekians who challenged Frieza in Moori's village. Three other warriors were seen challenging Frieza when he arrived at Grand Elder Guru's place. Another one appears in Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler.

Video game appearances

In Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza, a Namekian Warrior (若者, Wakamono; lit. "Youth") can be summoned using certain cards during battle; his power level is 42,000. Two Namek Warriors named Maima and Tsumuri are playable characters in Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu. A Namekian Warrior is one of Vegeta's opponents in Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu.

Dragon Ball Online


Warriors in Dragon Ball Online

In the computer game Dragon Ball Online, Namekians fled to Earth after having their home of New Planet Namek attacked by the game's central antagonist Miira. In Dragon Ball Online, the Warrior class represents the race's Warrior caste, however, they are notably more similar to Piccolo (technically a member of the Dragon Clan), who they derive most of their techniques from, rather than having techniques created on their own like the Dragon Ball manga's original Warrior-type Namekian caste. Once reaching the required level of skill, a Warrior may choose to become a Shadow Knight or a Dark Warrior.

Dark Warrior

The Dark Warrior sub-class is comparable to Piccolo in the later arcs of Dragon Ball manga, and use Claw weapons, which grant them access to stronger physical skills than the previous Warrior class. Dark Warriors can additionally learn Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade, and Dragon's Punishment, which restores life points based on the percentage of damage dealt.

Shadow Knight

The Shadow Knight sub-class utilizes Axe weapons and can deliver critical, long-ranged "area-of-effect" spiritual damage. Additionally, the Shadow Knight skill Steal Life can rob their enemies of their health and transmit it to them, and can acquire the critical Self Destruction Wave, that sacrifices LP for high spiritual damage, adds an additional 50% of the damage dealt when it hits the opponent from behind.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse series


The Namekian Future Warrior is a Warrior-type Namek and over the course of the game's story can become powerful enough to be considered a Super Namek as they are capable of defeating or fighting on par with the likes of Mira, Kid Buu, Demigra, Parallel Broly, Great Ape Baby, Super 17, and Omega Shenron. The Namekian Future Warrior can also used the Kaio-ken power-up as a Super Skill. They can also have Old Kai use his Unlock Ability to draw out the Namekian Future Warrior's hidden potential granting them their Unlock Potential as an Ultimate Skill transformation.

Xenoverse 2

The Namekian Future Warrior is also a Warrior-type Namek who becomes strong enough to be considered a Super Namek as they are capable of defeating or fighting on par with the likes of Lord Slug, Kid Buu, Supervillain Broly, Supervillain Janemba, Cooler/Metal Cooler, Golden Frieza, Final Form Mira, and Hit. The 2nd Namekian Future Warrior can used the Kaio-ken as an Awoken Skill transformation which allows them to access the x3 and x20 multipliers depending on the amount of Ki they have charged up when activating the transformation. The Namekian Future Warrior can have Guru use his Drawing out Dormant Power ability to Unlock the Warrior's potential which increases the Attribute Range from 1-100 to 1-125. Guru can also increase the Namekian Future Warrior's Level Cap after certain updates (which also effects all other custom character files) and each time Guru is surprised by the depths of Warrior's hidden potential. By completing the "Final Advancement Test - Super Class" (which is unlocked after obtaining a "Z" Rank the first 5 advancement tests), the Namekian Future Warrior can obtain their Potential Unleashed Awoken Skill transformation without going through Elder Kai's ritual. If the Future Warrior aids Nail in protecting the Guru's House time rift anomaly's Namekian Dragon Balls from the invading Frieza Force, it is revealed that the Warrior possesses a dormant ability that can increase their power. Dende reveals the ability can only be awoken by fighting against other Namekians and suggests that Nail and the mysterious Namekian Piccolo (whom Dende does not know in the rift's alternate timeline). After speaking to Nail, Dende, and Piccolo (who arrived after sensing the Warrior's dormant power) they can take on Guru's House Quest: "Namekian Awakening" during which they fight against Nail and Piccolo. During the battle, the Warrior manages to unlock their Become Giant Awoken Skill which allows them to transform into their Great Namek form which is unlocked permanently after defeating Nail and Piccolo twice.

Additionally it is revealed by Guru that in his old age he has only been able to produce Dragon Clansmen, explaining why Warrior-types like Nail are rare by the time of the Battle on Planet Namek. Guru also notes that Namek might be safer if there were more warrior-types like Nail and the Namekian Future Warrior. During the opening prologue, the Namekian Future Warrior is sent to investigate Guru's House anomaly and witnesses Guru talking to Nail and Dende about the impending arrival of the Frieza Force, Guru reveals that he foresees a warrior with a pure heart. The warrior he specks of is implied to be the Namekian Future Warrior indicating the Namekian Future Warrior is pure of heart and foreshadows their role in defending Namek within the anomaly. Despite not being a Dragon Clansmen, Guru knows of a method to empower a set of Dragon Balls even if they are not a Dragon Clansmen or even a Namekian (as he can teach it to the warrior regardless of race). This allows the Namekian Future Warrior to increase the power of Conton City's Dragon Balls despite not being a Dragon Clansmen, though the method only increases the types of wishes and not the number which is presumably an ability exclusive to Dragon Clansmen. Despite being a Warrior-type several characters will wonder or assume they can create Dragon Balls though this is mainly due to most being unaware that only Dragon Clansmen can create Dragon Balls, as Future Perfect Cell asks Future Trunks if they brought the Namekian Future Warrior with them to Age 785 to create new Dragon Balls (which is ironically what happened in the main timeline) though even if the warrior was a Dragon Clansmen they wouldn't be able to as it would alter history of that timeline, though Future Cell is unaware of that fact due to Future Dr. Gero never collecting data on Namek thus knows nothing about Namekian castes.

"Fwa ha ha ha! I KNEW you would be just like me! It pleases me that even that weak Namekian body of yours can bear a warrior such as yourself! One day, you and I shall return to Planet Namek and build the most powerful empire in the universe!"
— Lord Slug planning to create an empire of evil Namekian warriors in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

When first training the Future Warrior, the Super Namekian Lord Slug is pleased they are a warrior like himself despite their weak Namekian body. Lord Slug decides that one day they should return to Namek so Lord Slug can recruit more warrior types and build an evil Namekian empire. Given Lord Slug's strength and fighting ability to is not surprising that he would be considered a warrior-type as King Piccolo and Piccolo both have strong warrior-type traits (King Piccolo inherited some of the Nameless Namekian's Dragon Clan traits though apparently not his ability to create Dragon Balls as he never attempted to create his own). It also implies that Super Namekians are more likely to be warrior-types as the only Dragon Clansmen considered to be one was the Nameless Namekian and it should be noted that Piccolo after fusing with Kami is more of a hybrid of both castes though his Warrior-type traits are more dominant presumably due to Piccolo and Nail being warrior-types (Piccolo's connection to the Black Star Dragon Balls is mainly to his fusion with Kami effectively restoring the Nameless Namekian).

"Your heart may not be forged from pure evil, but you possess unusual strength for a Namekian. Even if you are a warrior-type, I would not expect such power! You could have endless potential! Oh, you are a very interesting case indeed! I dare say I like you!"
Lord Slug noting the Future Warrior's power is abnormal even for a Warrior-type in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

However Slug notes that their strength is unusual and he would not expect such power even from a warrior-type. He notes that the could have endless potential (which is supported by Guru having to draw out their potential several times). Lord Slug notes they are an interesting case and finds their potential to grow stronger intriguing.

During The Galactic Emperor Saga, if the Warrior is Namekian, Nail is surprised that they are a fellow Warrior-type and notes it is strange. However he warns them against throwing their life away to take revenge on Frieza as Nail notes that the two of them won't stand a chance of defeating Frieza and to flee as Nail does not want Guru to experience any further grief (as he is likely aware that it effecting his health). However the Warrior has no intention of defeating Frieza and is simply assisting Nail to stall for time to allow Dende to reach the others as Dark Frieza is too powerful for Nail to take on alone. Interestingly Nail does not suggest performing Namekian Fusion with the warrior as he later does with Piccolo, though presumably the warrior was not powerful enough to even consider it, though it should be noted that the fight with Frieza would have likely made fusion unadvisable and the Future Warrior would have likely refused so as to not alter history.

It is implied that like Piccolo and the Namekian Future Warrior from Xenoverse, the Future Warrior is one of the few Namekians to eat solid food instead of just subsisting on water alone, as planned to eat on of the pudding cups Chronoa sent though stop once Chronoa revealed she had made them, thus avoiding being put out of action by stomach cramps like Goku. However as pudding is gelatinous and not completely solid, Namekians may view it in the same manner as fluids such as milk and water both of which Namekians are known to consume in Xenoverse. Additionally they can consume the Fruit of the Tree of Might after acquiring the Super Skill. Lord Slug eats the Demon Realm corrupted fruit in the story and seeks to steal some from Turles while training the Future Warrior. Interestingly, all Namekians known to eat solid food are Warrior-types or have strong warrior-type traits, though it is unknown if their is an actual correlation between the two or if this is just a coincidence as the act of eating solid food itself is rare among Namekians in general.

Additionally while training under Zamasu, he admits though it is faint he senses they possess godly ki and finds their power intriguing enough to train them despite them being mortal and even make them his disciple should they complete his 2nd Lesson. Additionally, Whis finds the Namekian Future Warrior's power to be strong enough to make them a potential candidate to become God of Destruction even seeking to train them for that reason. If they reach Level 90 and achieve Partner Level (maximum friendship) while training under Whis, he will note their power has increased greatly and that it may have even surpassed the gods themselves (he will teach them Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan as a reward if it hasn't been acquired previously even though they are unable to utilize the Saiyan only Awoken Skill though this applies to all selectable races) indicating they could potentially be the strongest Warrior-type Namekian alive.

Known members

  • 3 Warriors in Moori's village who challenge Frieza, and are killed by Dodoria. Their Power Level is around 3,000.[3]
  • 3 Warriors in Elder Tsuno's village who appear only the anime and look very much like the three Namekians who challenged Frieza. Those three Nameks were killed by Vegeta and never were confirmed to have been revived.

Nail, the most powerful Warrior-type Namekian during the Frieza Saga

  • Nail – Bodyguard of Grand Elder Guru. Fused with Piccolo in order to fight Frieza.
  • Piccolo – Originally a member of the Dragon Clan as King Piccolo, but reborn as a warrior type when King Piccolo reincarnated himself through reproduction to create a stronger clone. His fusion with Nail officially makes him the strongest Warrior-type Namekian and the strongest Namekian. He then fuses with Kami (his "counterpart") to become a Super Namek. While King Piccolo was technically a Dragon Clansmen, he himself never attempted to create his own Dragon Balls as Kami and the Nameless Namekian did. In Dragon Ball GT after fusing with Kami, Piccolo gained the Nameless Namekian's Dragon Clan status as the Black Star Dragon Balls the Nameless Namekian had created were restored and became tied to Piccolo only being rendered inert by his death. Thus Piccolo is a sort of Warrior-type and Dragon Clan hybrid presumably due to his unique status as the reincarnation of King Piccolo and his fusion with Nail and Kami.
  • 8 other Namekian Warriors in the other 4 villages (before Namek's destruction).
    • 3 Namekians who appear only the anime and that arrive at Guru's house to protect him from Frieza. Their Power Level is around 10,000.[4]
    • Maima – A Warrior-type Namekian named in Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan. He is Tsumuri's partner, and gives Gohan the Two-Star Dragon Ball. He and Tsumuri join Gohan's party and later, Piccolo fuses with them.
    • Tsumuri – A Warrior-type Namekian named in Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan. He is Maima's partner, and gives Gohan the Two-Star Dragon Ball. He and Maima join Gohan's party and later, Piccolo fuses with them.
    • Unnamed Namekian Warrior – A Warrior-type Namekian that attacks one of the Cyclopian Guards in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler, only to fail, but is saved by Gohan.
  • In Dragon Ball Online, Namekian Warrior is a playable career. An Unnamed Child Warrior and an Unnamed Dark Warrior appear in a promotional trailer for this computer game.
Namekian custom character xenoverse

Official Artwork of a Namekian Future Warrior from Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

  • In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, the Future Warrior will be a Warrior-type Namek if Namekian is selected as their race and during the game's story, the Namekian Future Warrior will become strong enough to be considered a Super Namek. A Frieza's Race Time Patroller named Reso will also mention that the Warrior-type Nameks are said to be as powerful as his race as well as the Saiyans. Several other Namekian Time Patrollers also appear to be this type as well.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, like in Xenoverse the Future Warrior will be a Warrior-type Namek if Namekian is selected as their race and during the game's story, the Namekian Future Warrior will become strong enough to be considered a Super Namek. After training with Nail and Piccolo in the Guru's House time rift anomaly, the Namekian Future Warrior unlocks the Become Giant Awoken Skill which allows them to access their Great Namek transformation.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the evil Super Namekian Lord Slug is implied to be a Warrior-type as he notes that the Namekian Future Warrior is a warrior just like himself despite their weak Namekian body (which indicates he does not consider them a Super Namek like himself). This is supported by the fact that Lord Slug is a fighter and has never demonstrated any Dragon Clan abilities.


  • In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, there is a clothing option available to a Namekian Future Warrior, called the Namek Warrior's Costume which is described as a battle suit worn by Namek Warriors (who are described as a Namekian tribe). It also appears in Xenoverse 2.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the 2nd Future Warrior gains access to their Great Namek form while fighting Nail and Piccolo. Before the quest that unlocks this ability, it is stated by Dende that the warrior must fight against their own kind to awaken this dormant power, implying some warrior-type Namekians (like the 2nd Future Warrior) require the assistance of other Warrior-types to gain access to their Great Namek form.
    • Humorously the Namekian Future Warrior can wear the Great Ape Suit and Great Ape Hat & Tail accessory, then use Become Giant to increase their size which is comparable to a Great Ape. This causes them to look like a hybrid of a Great Namek and Great Ape.


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