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We are the Five Warriors (突撃!われら5人の戦士 Totsugeki! Warera Gonin no Senshi, lit. "Assault! We are the Five Warriors") is the third episode of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga and the seventieth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on July 15, 1987.



Krillin, Puar and Yamcha

The battle begins, Goku and his friends vs. Fortuneteller Baba's fiendish minions. The prize: the location of the last Dragon Ball. First up: Krillin, who must face-off against a warrior with real bite, Fangs the Vampire. After having trouble keeping pace with Fangs in his bat form, Fangs sneaks up behind him, grapping him in and sucking blood from his head. This causes Krillin to lose a lot of blood, whereby he gets weary and unable to fight at his best, allowing Fangs to defeat him quite easily. In preparation for the next match Upa and Puar fight. Despite not having any real skill in battle, the two use a series of anti-vampire attacks, such as exposing Fangs to garlic breath, which result in the latter's defeat.

Next up: Yamcha finds out he must face a hard to see opponent, See-Through the Invisible Man. He gets punched around a bit then Krillin has an idea to bring Master Roshi and Bulma to them.


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