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The following section contains information about unlicensed material, which - while created and released by a proper business organization - is overall unofficial to the Dragon Ball series.

Westwood is the live-action adaption of Yamcha in Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins.


Westwood is first seen firing his Machine Gun at Monkey Boy & Piggy. He drew his sword and engaged in battle against Monkey Boy who was using his Magic Pole. After battling for some time, Seetoe and Jade who were left behind arrive and Westwood becomes stunned because he is afraid of women. He is pushed off a wall by Monkey Boy and Seetoe and Jade who think he is good looking go up to see if he is alright. He runs away in fear with his bird Miss Knowwhat following.

Later that night while quietly listening to their conversation, Westwood hears them speak of the power the Dragon Pearls have and that they are on their way to see the Turtle Man. Westwood digs up a Dragon Pearl that he had buried for a long time so he can get the rest and wish to not be afraid of women. Westwood heads over to the Turtle Man's house, when he arrive he engages battle with the Turtle Man and tells him that Monkey Boy who is on his way wants to battle him. Turtle Man decides to wait for them to arrive and Westwood hides in the Turtle Man's house.

When Monkey Boy arrives he does not know what is going on and Miss Knowwhat tells Seetoe that Westwood is hiding in the house. Seetoe goes in the house and finds Westwood hiding under the bed causing him to be frightened again. Turtle Man who is now mad decides to test Westwood by seeing if he can ride the Magic Cloud to see if he is a liar. The cloud disappears when Westwood jumps onto it making the Turtle Man mad at him and made Westwood give his Dragon Pearl to them.

Westwood survives when Zebrata and Malilia destroy the Turtle Man's house and decides to join forces with them to defeat King Horn and get their Dragon Pearls back. When arriving at Jade's Village, him and Monkey Boy battle Malilia and with the help of Piggy she was killed. They head to the front of the castle and begin to battle King Horn. When King Horn was defeated, the dragon was summoned and Jade's land was restored. Afterwards Westwood challenges Monkey Boy to one last fight and he gladly accepts.


  • Unlike Yamcha, Westwood still keeps all the habits he had in the beginning in the end. He is still afraid of women and still wants to defeat Monkey Boy.
  • Westwood already knows how to fly in the beginning when Yamcha does not learn who to fly until the end of Dragon Ball.
  • Westwood has a hostile relationship with Miss Knowwhat who is Puar's incarnation of the movie. In the original series Yamcha was not harsh to Puar.

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