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What Happened, Piccolo? An Unexpected Outcome in the First Round (どうしたピッコロ!!一回戦での意外な結末 Dō Shita Pikkoro!! Iggaisen de no Igai na Ketsumatsu) is the one-hundred-fifth episode and the one-hundred-tenth episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai. Its Japanese air date was May 18, 2014. Its American air date is March 25, 2017.


The matches are finally set to begin. Krillin appears in the first match and his opponent, Pintar, is a noisy man with a large body and impudent mouth. As expected, Krillin easily defeats Pintar. Moving on, Piccolo confronts the man of mystery, Shin. Having sensed that Shin is no ordinary person, Piccolo is overwhelmed by his mysterious power, which is on another level, and withdraws from the match without fighting. The next match is between Videl and Spopovich. Meanwhile, backstage, Piccolo learns Shin's true identity and is astonished. It turns out that Shin is the Supreme Kai, the god above the Kai's. Right from the start of the match, Videl continues to one-sidedly beat Spopovich, but Spopovich always gets back up no matter how many times he falls. After being cornered, Videl unthinkingly breaks Spopovich's neck. However, Spopovich nonchalantly gets back up. Videl's attacks are completely ineffective against the freakishly strong Spopovich.

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