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Whither Victory? A Battle Royal Championship Match! (天下一は誰の手に!?バトルロイヤル決定戦!! Tenka'ichi wa Dare no Te ni! Batoru Roiyaru Kettei-sen!!, lit. "Who is the World's Greatest?! A Battle Royal Match to Decide!!") is the one-hundred-tenth episode in Japan and the one-hundred and seventeenth episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai. Its Japanese air date was June 22, 2014. Its American air date was May 13, 2017.


Dabura decides he will take Stage 3 himself and heads off to prepare. Meanwhile, as the Z Fighters have left the World Martial Arts Tournament grounds, the tournament is changed into a Battle Royal at Mr. Satan suggestion. The remaining contestants all enter the ring and fight but, fearing that the other four contestants will concentrate their attacks on him, Satan regrets having suggested the Battle Royal. However, as soon as the match begins, Android 18 and Mighty Mask easily defeat the other two contestants, Killa and Jewel, and begin a one-on-one battle, completely ignoring Satan.


  • This episode does not follow the chronological order of events as originally presented in Dragon Ball Z, and instead is a rearranged combination of various scenes from four concurrent episodes. The majority of the episode's content is taken from episode 224, but is preceded by two filler scenes taken from episodes 221 and 222.[1]


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