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Who Will Fight Who? (対戦相手決定!!早くやろうぜ一回戦, Taisen Aite Kettei!! Hayaku Yaro ze Ikkaisen) is the fifth episode of the World Tournament Saga and the two hundred fourteenth overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on January 26, 1994. Its original American air date was October 5, 2001.



Krillin and Android 18

Trunks and Goten are sneaking into the competitors' area. Trunks tricks one of the competitors, Mighty Mask, and steals his costume. With Goten on the bottom and Trunks on the top, and the Mighty Mask's cape covering their bodies, they are now able to fight in the World Championships.


Vegeta picks number 12

The Z Fighters enter the area in which the draw would take place. Goku takes a look at the other challengers, as Killa, Jewel, and Pintar all looked to be pushovers. However, Spopovich and Yamu are both very creepy looking, and what makes them even more peculiar is the fact they both the letter M embedded on their foreheads. Also, obviously, Shin and Kibito seem to be great fighters. When Goku spots Mighty Mask, he is stunned as he (they) can hardly walk.

Krillin says Videl does not look much like Mr. Satan, but is "quite the looker." Gohan blushes and says "I hadn't noticed." Krillin tells him to "throw a little bit of charm" and Videl will go out with him. Gohan gets embarrassed, saying that he never liked her. Krillin, however, believes he likes her.

After all was said and done, these are the standings:



The announcer then tells the fighting rules to the competitors. A player loses if they quit the match, if the announcer counts to 10 (when one competitor is on the ground), or if they kill their opponent.

Pintar tries to intimidate Krillin, but Krillin ignores him some more. Meanwhile, Piccolo is very stressed out about Shin, and he is even more stressed than before because he will fight Shin in the first round.


  • The lie that Trunks tells Mighty Mask in order to distract him differs in the Japanese and English versions. Trunks deceives Mighty Mask by telling him that a pretty young lady wants to talk with him in the Japanese version, while Trunks tells Mighty Mask that a (real scrawny) guy wants to beat Mighty Mask at arm wrestling for 1,000 zeni in the English dub. This change was most likely made to hide Mighty Mask's lechery.
  • When Videl looks at her ball, she claims that it is 15, when in fact, it is 5.
  • When Gohan looks at the board to see who he will fight, the number 7 bracket is empty but when the screen is zoomed in to the board, the spot next to Gohan's name is no longer empty and has Kibito's name there.


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