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The Wizard Barrier is a defensive technique used by Babidi. It is similar to Perfect Barrier and Explosive Wave as it is a sphere of energy used in a defensive manner, although it cannot withstand more powerful attacks for a long period of time.



Wizard Barrier

With both hands in front of him, Babidi shouts the word "barrier" to make a circular barrier appear and surround his body.[1] Babidi uses the Wizard Barrier to protect himself from Majin Buu's Angry Explosion.[3] He also uses it to protect himself from Piccolo's attacks, which he succeeds only for a small period of time, after which Piccolo breaks the barrier and cuts Babidi in half with his arm.[4] Babidi uses it again to protect himself from Vegeta's Final Explosion.[5]


Buu using a barrier similar to Babidi's Wizard Barrier

Only in the anime, Majin Buu uses a similar barrier, called Protective Bubble,[6] to protect himself when the Earth's Military attacked him.[7]

Appearances in games

The Wizard Barrier was named in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where it appears as one of Babidi's Blast 1. When Babidi performs this technique in the game, his Crystal Ball flies around him.

In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, the technique is referenced by Babidi's equipable Z-Soul "Papparapah! Barrier!" which has a low chance of activating when damage is received. When activated it reduces Stamina instead of Health and the user will not stagger when taking damage.