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Wolfgang Pressure (ヴォルフガングプレッシャー) is a barrage of kicks that shoot pink aura energy barrages that appears in Dragon Ball Super. In order to use this technique, Basil dazes the opponent with a devastating barrage of kicks before jumping into the air. He then charges a flame of energy in both feet, and seconds later discharging the energy in a form of speeding bullets at his opponent.

Like Wolfgang Penetrator, it's unclear whether Ki is utilized in this attack as Trio De Dangers have been stated to lack Ki (obviously sensible at least) on several occasions.


The technique is used by Basil in the Zen Exhibition Match after awakening the Shining Blaster. The after affect was able to destroy the ground Majin Buu and Basil were fighting on and create a massive eruption of energy, followed by an explosion.