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The World of Void (無の界 Mu no Kai) is an isolated place outside of the multiverse with literally no time or space. As the name implies, it is a void world with infinite nothingness. The World of Void is the setting of the Tournament of Power, as the fighters can take advantage of the nothingness to use the full extent of their powers.


The Grand Minister dubs the World of Void as the setting for the Tournament of Power. The Gods of Destruction, Angels, and Supreme Kais from every universe gather to spectate the matches of their fighters of their respective universes, along with the Great Priest, Zeno, and Future Zeno. As the Tournament of Power reached its climax, the Great Priest changes the World of Void background to a darkish-green to indicate the tournament's remaining time; 24 minutes. In the final minutes of the Tournament, Toppo having reached the state of God of Destruction Mode releases Energy of Destruction that changes the background yet again to a more typical space theme, with deep purple and blue hues with particles lighting the arena.