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Yajirobe's Prairie

Yajirobe's Prairie is a jungle region located in the southwest part of the Southern Continent. It is where Goku first meets Yajirobe after falling into the Prairie when defeated by Tambourine.



Yajirobe eating Cymbal at Yajirobe's Prairie

After Goku eats his meal while wandering through the forest area, Yajirobe attacks Goku with a Gigantic Rock Throw. The two fight there until Goku notices the Dragon Ball Yajirobe has around his neck is the One-Star Ball, not the Four-Star Ball. Yajirobe's Prairie is also where Cymbal is killed and eaten by Yajirobe, as well as where Tambourine is killed by Goku. King Piccolo comes here on board of Pilaf's Airship, and fights Goku to avenge the death of his sons.

This place was named Yajirobe's Prairie in the video game Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.



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